Full - Time

Job Description

  • in class prospective and future trendwatch in China with strong market and consumer insights to help brands (China local teams and global teams) equip with rich Chinese consumer foresights and be ready to implement into future projects
    • Set up and consolidate China prospective system and trendwatch capacity
    • Closer collaboration & co-work with global and local teams to build mutual learning cycle
    • Build up sharing and coaching practices with brands and stakeholders in a systematic & impactful way
  • To strategize China trend opportunities and build on and lead potential projects as pilots

Skill and capability

  1. Experienced in Chinese consumer trend foresight
  2. Sensitive in Chinese consumer insights
  3. Organized but agile, strong project management skill
  4. Excellent verbal and written communication skill
  5. Self-directed and action oriented
  6. Multi-tasking, ability to run up to 10 projects at the same time
  7. Good analytical skills (both qualitative and quantitative) to evaluate project results
  8. Ability to prioritize and balance different stakeholders needs


  1. Bachelor degree, educational major unrestricted
  2. Project management experience a must
  3. Minimum 5 years of work experience
  4. ckground strongly preferred
  5. Knowledge on latest Chinese consumer insights and trends strongly preferred
  6. Beauty/Luxury/FMCG background preferred
  7. Experience working in big corporate preferred
  8. Sense of responsibility
  9. Strong team player
  10. Fluent in Microsoft tools: Excel, PowerPoint, Word
  11. Language: Mandarin (fluent verbal/written) & English (fluent verbal/written)

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