unbefristete Beschäftigung
Johannesburg, Gauteng

Job:                 Media & Advocacy Manager 

Reports to:     Chief Digital & Marketing Officer:  SSA


Improve consumer experience and relationships through the analysis and the management of all interactions between consumers and the L’Oréal brand.  Oversee collecting best practices from the zone, sharing and synthesizing such. Animate a community of experts in countries responsible for media, advocacy & influencer management.




Participate to the definition of advocacy and influence strategy for the zone : 

  • Define the strategy by synthetizing guidelines from different CDO teams, and priorities defined by the Zone Marketing team. 
  • Co-lead the Advocacy acceleration
  • Make sure to have an actionable approach, that can be translated in concrete action plans. 

Lead best in class execution project to make sure advocacy and influence is well executed in countries : 

  • Define key priorities for each country for advocacy and influence strategy, define KPI of success and challenge action plans
  • Make sure countries have all the needed resources (information, content, etc.) to deliver their strategy
  • Monitor closely with countries actions and their results

Gather and synthetize advocacy & influence guidelines from the different cdo teams : 

  • Share guidelines to Zone Marketing teams and countries. 
  • Animate upskilling sessions on guidelines
  • Participate to guidelines creation by the different CDO teams, making sure the specific needs of the zone are considered

Collect and circulate best practices from countries : 

  • Be in contact with countries to collect best practices, synthetize, and recirculate. 
  • Animate workshops at zone level, to collect ideas, best practices and see how they can be spread. 
  • Be a point of contact for both countries and Zone Marketing teams, answer or redirect questions.

Ensure strategic benchmarking on external best practices :

  • Synthetize inspiring best practices from other brands, in the beauty world but also in other industries. 

Media ecosystem:  

  • Understanding how media (social media, streaming services, traditional broadcast media, and print media...) is created, distributed, and consumed to effectively and responsibly communicate and engage with audiences, as well as the impact that media has on individuals, society, and culture

Media intelligence:  

  • Identifying and developing media intelligence and omnichannel knowledge

Digital & media performance management:  

  • Monitoring, analyzing, and improving responsibly the performance of digital assets, such as websites, applications, content, media and digital marketing campaigns, using KPI's to measure the effectiveness, the ROI and the ROAs of the actions as well as energy/ carbon footprint

Media strategy design:  

  • Defining and planning the right responsible media strategy depending on goals, target audience and budget that drive traffic, engage consumers and develop business

Media Trading:  

  • Defining the right social media strategy to promote a brand through their own accounts or channels to build relationships with consumers and engaging with them in a way that strengthen brand awareness, loyalty, advocacy and generate leads or sales for the future





  • Existing knowledge and experience in the Advocacy and Influence field
  • A specific expertise on Advocacy (and not only paid influence) would be appreciated. 
  • Excellent Synthesis Skills. 
  • Able to translate theoretical guidelines into actionable recommendations.
  • Extensive knowledge of Advocacy and Influence strategy, run at big scale.
  • Complex organization management.
  • Project management at scale.




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