Research & Innovation
Full - Time

The Japan Hair Development lab works on formulating hair care, perm and color products in order to answer our brands and consumer’s needs, with a focus on safety, quality and performance with full ethical and environmental consideration.

We are looking for a consumer-centric cosmetic formulator to onboard our hair care and perm development adventure.

For more than hundred years, L’Oréal believes that beauty needs Science. In a world now transformed by digital technology and the emergence of new scientific Domains, we are confident in our ability to turn these opportunities into major innovations, closely linked to the new consumer expectations all over the world. Science & Technology are allowing us to invent safe, trustable, sustainable & responsible beauty products and experiences that will change people’s lives. 

L’Oréal R&I has continuously invested upstream in its research with a high level of ambition. Our 3800 L'Oréal R&I people are talented and highly skilled, located in major markets, working in a cooperative way, opened to the world. 

  • Develop innovative products for Hair Care and Perm, to be launched with the marketing team, in some of the most recognized brands worldwide.
  • Select and propose the most advanced technologies and concepts, scouted and produced together with an international network of fundamental research, consumer science and Performance evaluation teams within R&I.
  • Design and evaluate products with consumers, in collaboration with brands and operational teams to ensure the best-in-class in safety, quality and performance of technologies and formulas and answer our stylists and consumer’s needs.
  • Scout the evolution of the cosmetic world and consumer trends, to identify worldwide opportunities for improving consumer satisfaction and confidence in enjoyable and performing products
  • Modernize formulation science for products respectful of the planet, from green sourcing to minimal environmental and better societal impacts.