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Clichy, Île-de-France

Contract Manufacturing Full-Buy MAKE-UP - Project Manager

WE ARE LOOKING FOR A PROJECT MANAGER to be part of the SCALE project (Supply Chain Agility for Long-term Expansion)


Coming after and in place of the STRONG program, SCALE is a new step in our journey to increase the robustness and versatility of our global supply chain in Raw Materials, Packaging Materials, and Contract Manufacturing.

SCALE will have its own governance, with a double sponsorship from Operations and Research & Innovation

 3 streams will be led in parallel in SCALE program:

  1. Activate short-term supply strategies for priority scope (including safety stock increase & sourcing volumes re-allocation)
  2. Establish transparency on business exposure to supply disruption risk & build strategic roadmaps for additional RMs, PMs, and CMs for the next waves (2024 and beyond)
  3. Start building transparency on Tier-2/3 suppliers with a pilot on 2-3 selected (sub)-categories

For each item, alternative sourcing levers will be assessed along with implementation time and investment requirements levers.


You will be in charge of the CM scope, focused on the WW FULL-BUY MAKE-UP portfolio. 
The MAKE UP Category is the 1st portfolio in CM Full-Buy representing 60 % of the FB Spend.

The main stakeholders are, in order: the United States (Nyx, Urban Decay,…), North Asia (3CE), and Europe.

The FB Make-Up is based on a pool of 30 preferred partners all around the world, and mostly based in Asia and Europe, with few in North America. 


With the support of third party, your mission will be to secure the most sensitive full-buy items, and identify the right levers to activate: reallocations, leveraging new vendors from the positive vendor list, and solid BCP, …

Your key responsibility will be to animate and coordinate the project with all the Zones. 

In this role, you will have a great diversity of activities and will have the opportunity to deal with various stakeholders, from L’OREAL experts to Divisions. You will work with suppliers and organizations of the ecosystem from all around the world.-
You will be able to learn, build your expertise, develop your extended ecosystem, and unleash your potential!


  • Project Management skills
  • Skills in risk management 
  • Strong communication skills 
  • Strong team spirit and ability to work in multifunctional and international teams
  • Analytical skills, both on data and markets & trends
  • Leadership to onboard teams, stakeholders, and suppliers on complex projects and roadmaps
  • English speaking required


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