[Stylenanda/3CE] Key Account Manager - 3CE H&B Sales, Stylenanda, Consumer Products Division

[주요 직무] 
  • H&B 채널 영업 및 관리 (올리브영, 시코르)
  • 채널별 전략 수립 및 집행
  • 매출, 주요 지표, 비용 등의 분석 및 관리
  • MD 커뮤니케이션 및 POG 관리
  • 트렌드 분석 및 인사이트 도출

[자격 및 우대] 
  • 유관 경력 5년 이상 (Olive Young 경력 우대)
  • 올리브영 채널에 대한 높은 이해도 보유자 
  • 유통사 EDI 전산 운용 능숙자
  • 커뮤니케이션 능력 및 영업 마인드 우수한 자 
  • MS Office, PPT 활용 능력 우수자

**이력서 제출은 필수사항입니다.

Build, manage and develop long-term Ecommerce relationships in order to achieve the targeted sales revenue by increasing the brand’s online presence. (H&B Channels)


1. Channel Management
  • Lead and negotiate annual agreements with partners (with OLIVEYOUNG, CHICOR)
  • Develop plan, KPI and Goals to achieve for each Ecommerce partner
  • Define and implement Go to Market strategy with cross functional teams (marketing, supply chain, IT, sales,…)
  • Identify new ecommerce trends and opportunities for business growth and implement action plans
  • Prepare and present products proposals to future and current Ecommerce partners
  • Handle specific sales events thanks to collected information from marketing department to enhance brand’s visibility and improve sales performance
  • Analyze and interpret partner’s sales report to identify strengths, weaknesses and business opportunities
  • Create and design visual concept/contents to animate in a consistant customer path

  • Activates Business Drivers
  • Stays up-to-date with market, consumers& competitors
  • Designs sales promotion materials
  • Manages intermediate agent relationships
  • Conducts Win-Win negotiation
  • Monitors sell-in & sell-out excellence

[Qualification & Preferred]
  • Bachelor’s degree or above
  • At least 1+ years of experience in H&B field with great results Experience
  • Mandatory experience in dealing with H&B channels (mainly OLIVEYOUNG)
  • Makeup cosmetics experience preferred
  • Fluent in Korean
  • Preferred communicable in English (intermediate)
  • Proficient with Excel,PPT, 
  • Strong interpersonal skill and data analytic skill
  • Ability to use design tools/programs is preferred

**Resume is required to apply

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