Who are we?

At L’Oréal, there is never a dull day, the beauty lies in the freedom to go beyond with our empowering entrepreneurial culture. We take pride in developing young talents who have the passion and ambition to make an impact in the beauty industry. We currently offer a wide range of career opportunities for undergraduates and fresh graduates across the region.

SAPMENA (South Asia Pacific, Middle East & North Africa) is home to 40% of the world's population & some of the fastest-growing economies. Headquartered in Singapore, we have over 6,800 diverse talents in 15 subsidiaries with 34 International Brands, 4 factories & 2 research centres. As the leading beauty tech company, we offer endless exciting career opportunities.

Join us on our mission to: Create the beauty that moves the world. Watch our video here to find out what it’s like working for L’Oréal!

You will ...
  1. Lead Content, Assets and Social Activation for Product launches/reanimations & Branded Ecommerce Campaigns
    • Create A+ Content for social media and ecommerce with agencies
    • Production of TVC, Digital 15s and 6s films (for key launches)
    • Manage production of Education Content
    • Social Activation and Livestreaming - Conceptualise insight and big idea for social activation and formulate influencer strategy for the campaign
    • Creating Comms Dossier for Launch Lead creation of full communication funnel, assets and toolkit for key launches
  2. CPD O+O Campaigns
    • Creation of campaign assets – Collaborate with Offline and Online Campaign activation leads and other brand teams to create cross-brand campaign visual thematic, visuals and assets.
    • Social Activation and Livestreaming – Lead content topics and strategy for countries to activate and drive traffic for campaigns including influencer strategy
  3. Advocacy
    1. Collaborate with Global Brand team and Corporate Digital team to translate overall brand advocacy strategy to relevant KPIs to track for advocacy.
    2. Create advocacy guidelines and craft playbooks on how countries can activate on a local level and specific to SAPMENA region
  4. Social Activation / TikTok
    • Monitor local TikTok and social media space for new trends and Create guidelines for countries to hop onto new trends as soon as possible
    • Collaborate with TikTok and creative agencies to derive new insights and create new TikTok filters / hashtag challenges
  5. Livestreaming
    • Lead livestreaming piece from brand perspective, creating livestreaming guidelines including set-up, product merchandising, promo guidelines, backgrounds, talent characteristics, tone of voice, makeup and wardrobe, content topics, product demonstration guidelines
    • Generate weekly livestreaming content topics for each ecomm campaign and product activation campaign
  6. Asset management 
    • Manage all assets created with agencies on OPERA (TVCs, KVs, packshots, talent visuals, dossiers, ecommerce toolkits, social assets, videos, music tracks) including user rights management.
    • Source for global assets that are relevant for SAPMENA and adapt them to SAPMENA-context/products and share with countries
You have ...
  • Must have a deep understanding of each social media platforms; corresponding rules/laws, changing offerings/news/analytical tools
  • At least 10 years of PR and Marketing experience in FMCG and Beauty industries
  • Should possess knowledge of trends, pop culture, and the FMCG and Beauty industries
  • Monitor trends via real-time reporting and identify ways the company can leverage current topics of interest.
  • Working knowledge of social networks
  • Must have proficient writing and speaking skills to ensure brand voice is being properly translated.
  • Determined to build brand buzz daily

You are ...

  • Ambitious. You crave success and we’ll support you all the way. That way, we all win.
  • Entrepreneurial. Every single day, you spot opportunities to shake things up and change the world for the better.
  • One of the gang. Even if you’re Superman or Wonder Woman, you recognise that teams are the real heroes. And so do we.
  • Only human. You’ll screw up sometimes but you have no fear of failure because you’re smart enough to learn from mistakes.
  • Respectful. Whether you’re talking to our CEO or a salon owner round the block, you treat everyone the same.

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