L’Oréal Group has long been committed to environmental and social issues, under the umbrella of its first  sustainability program Sharing Beauty with All, between 2013 and 2020, and from 2020 until 2030 its new comprehensive set of commitments L’Oréal for the Future

Early on in 2014, L’Oréal has committed to Zero deforestation, reporting each year on its progress with transparency to all stakeholders, the policy being renewed in 2021 with its 2030 Forest policy     

As of now and in the years to come, L’Oréal will significantly increase its use of biobased materials, that’s why L’Oréal has committed to ensure that: 

  • 100% of biobased materials, including derivatives from forest related commodities, used by the Group will be traceable, sustainably sourced and none of them will be linked to deforestation by 2030,
  • by 2030, we will hold flat the total land occupancy vital to the sourcing of our biobased ingredients, compared to 2019,

In a context of evolving regulatory expectations, and a Net Zero Climate strategy.     

The goals of the Sustainable Sourcing Department, together with cross-functional teams in the Group, are to achieve these target, ensuring the respect of Human Rights along our supply chains, contributing to the respect and preservation of biodiversity and the fight against climate change. 

In this context, L’Oréal Sourcing Department is appointing a highly qualified and expert Forest & Biodiversity Manager to reach its L’Oréal For The Future ambitions, in close collaboration with our Sourcing Category Directors, the Corporate Sustainability team and our external stakeholders.

Key job accountabilities

The Forest & Biodiversity Manager will undertake the main following strategic responsibilities:

  • Lead continuous strategic watch with external stakeholders (NGOs, industry coalitions, external experts, etc.), together with the Corporate Responsibility team, to ensure L’Oréal leadership position on forest & biodiversity
  • Define the frame, for the Sourcing teams and the suppliers, of the actionable levers, alongside robust methodologies for related metrics, in order to deliver the L’Oréal For The Future commitments by 2030
  • Co-develop with the Sourcing category Directors the priority roadmaps to ensure the deployment of our 2030 Forest Policy and biodiversity commitments by 2030, across all Sourcing categories
  • Develop evaluation methodologies for sustainable sourcing field projects. Identify & implement accordingly new field projects in collaboration with the Sourcing Category Directors, NGOs, external experts and potential funding partners
  • Manage the extra financial reporting of the Group on Forest and Biodiversity matters (CDP, investors, NGO’s requests). 


The candidate should: 

  • have a master’s degree level (education in international business/Political Sciences and sustainable development/environmental policies or in agronomy/forest),
  • have a proven experience (>5years) in sustainable development, specifically on forest related supply chains, deforestation and field project development,
  • be able to lead change and engage, with both internal and external stakeholders,
  • be business-oriented,
  • have analytical skills and skills for synthesis, 
  • demonstrate a strong sense of initiative and problem solving,
  • be fluent in French and English,
  • Management skills 


Job located in Paris. 

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