we bring development & learning opportunities to people so they can grow and get equipped with the right skills in a changing world.


 Within the People Development & Learning team you will be responsible of the following projects:  

Guarantee the best and more inclusive onboarding journey in our company culture 

  • Continuous improvement of Day One (first day in the company) experience 
  • Continuous improvement of our Discovery path - the 6-month Onboarding program designed to welcome every new person who joins L'Oréal

·        Amplify our Buddy and Mentoring programs, engage the communities, simplify the processes 

Anchor continuous learning culture through new activation and delivery models toaccelerate learner empowerment & reach

  • Maximize the impact of the Flex Learning events - the L'Oréal training event in which each employee can decide to follow the training they want by choosing from a rich program
  • Leverage the prescription guide to promote and clarify the offer, guide on priority programs and highlight specific curations to go beyond  
  • Promoting self-directed learning on the LMS platform and craft the new leaner’s experience 

Create engaging and personalized individual learning paths 

Support the company cultural transformation project implementation and monitor the progress via our annual engagement survey action planning 

  • Engage the leadership community 
  • Engage and enable the finance, legal, operation, HR tribes fostering sharing of practices of knowledge
  • Set the survey campaign, reporting structures and participant files
  • Elaborate the results to find data driven insights and contribute to the collective transformation 
  • Drive action planning and communication to support the process

Became the learner’s angel of your tribes

  • Engage and enable the finance, legal, operation, HR tribes fostering sharing of practices of knowledge

Coordinate learning investments & KPIs

  • Budget monitoring 
  • KPIs analysis


What we are expecting from people in our team:

·        Teams are the new heroes: cooperation and team spirit are a must

·        Data driven mindset, high level of reliability and accuracy: data is our currency 

·        High level of responsibility, integrity, courage, and critical thinking 

People in our People Development & Learning team will get:

·        Full support on the day to day and investment in terms of upskilling & career development  

·        Team spirit, conviviality, recognition, feedback and authenticity 

·        Local and international exposure with the HR Community and the business line

·        Opportunity to drive learning as a strategic business lever

·        Freedom within the frame, decision making power. Test & learn & Improve team orientation


Ideal Requirements

·        At least 3 years of experience 

·        Good knowledge of the English language

·        Advanced knowledge of Excel and PowerPoint

·        Using a graphics tool is a plus

·        Previous experience in HR is a plus

·        Fast & furious spirit and taste for people

Italian is a plus

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