[L'oreal Korea] HR Project Manager - Corporate HR Rewards team

[The main missions for this key position are...]
  • Build the planning with the team; monitors the project progress (milestones & deliverables) and ensures its frequent updates 
  • Monitor the budget trend taking into account all the team requirements, with the Project Director, the IT and the Financial Controller 
  • Monitor the risk analysis and the mitigation plan with the whole team 
  • Coordinate and manage the progress of HR Projects  in terms of planning, budget, risks, reports, documentation, internal communication tools… 
    • Identify and implement the relevant PM methodologies and make sure with the Global Project Team and Local HRD  that the Core Team integrates a Business voice, a User voice and the relevant Technical voice(s) 
    • Define and maintain standard monitoring tools for the project (Mid-term plan, OnePager with Risks, documents repository on Teams, internal communication tools…) 
    • Synthetize the project management deliverables (planning, budget, risk) for reporting and decision-making with top management in close collaboration with Project team, alert when deviation 
    • Alert if needed in order to identify & recommend adaptations if relevant.
  • Plan and prepare key transversal team Workshops and Governance Meetings, (Logistics, Topic, Templates, agenda, minutes…) including on content-topics (such as Testing, Data Migration, Go-No Go…) ; Facilitate team meetings when relevant; capitalize and shares the outputs of each workshop 
  • Communicate to all project team members, with the ecosystem / stakeholders 
    • Facilitate active cooperation and feedback within the team, with the interdependent projects together with the Project Team
    • Facilitate Knowledge Management by organizing / facilitating / encouraging REX sessions & sharing the learning points widely 

  • This position is working closely with: 
    • Central project team with Stream Leaders 
      •  Either dedicated on Processes (Admin, Rewards, OnBoarding…) 
      • Either working transversally (Change Management, Data & Analytics, Operations, Retail…) Leader 
    • HRIS team, zones HRIS 
    • Zones and Countries project teams 
    • AMOA (DXC) support team 
    • Integrator (SAP Services, then IBM) consulting teams 
    • Other functions: finance controlling, purchasing, legal… 
    •  Interdependent project leaders (One Payroll, One Retail…) 
  • Support: 
    • Project Management Team 
    • External consultants on specific topics when needed (on testing, data migration…) 
  • Stakeholders: 
    • Rewards Team Manager, HRD
    • IT & HR and business sponsors 

  • Strong Project Management experience 
  • Fully fluent English speaking and writing 
  • Operational, hands on 
  • Structured, organized 
  • Autonomy 
  • Ability to cooperate in a complex environment 
  • Judgement, ability to listen, support and challenge when needed 
  • Communication skills (oral and written) 
  • HR experience is a real plus 
  • Agile with Digital, IT and Innovative tools
  • +7 yrs

**Resume is required to apply
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