Key Job Accountabilities / 主要職務 
1Provide the most valuable solution under challenging conditions with business needs and cost of resources based on VA.
2Define the best suited Category strategy in Retail and promotion category like POS item,GWP,Store construction etc. Develop market intelligence, Drive changes based on the market trend. Ensure competitiveness and that strategy is implemented successfully.
3Challenge and identify value creation opportunities by the supplier ideas and internal resources, valorize breakthrough ideas.
4Enhance supplier management. Build supplier portfolio in a category, and execution. Accelerate Sustainability sourcing with Supplier, involve supplier to our mission.
5Execute strategic projects, onboard and influence people to projects with change management.
6Build cost forecasts, validate Budget assumptions with decisional stakeholders. Monitor purchasing performance.
7Manage complex negotiations. Negotiate complex contracts or commercial agreements(High stakes or multi div/region/domain). Manage contracts with compliance and handle potential crisis.
8Mange risk exposure, anticipate operational risks, and implement action plans to mitigate the risks.
9Collaboration at Regional level. Communicate /Manage projects/ share suppliers information.

Must Have Aspects / 必須項目 
1Working experience in especially FMCG, Retail, or Pharmaceutical. etc.
2Strategic Sourcing planning and execution experience & Cross function project.
4Strong leadership and team collaboration mind.
3Self-drive mindset on change management.
5Great communication and negotiation skills
6Strong data analysis & presentation skill (Excel, PPT)
7Fluent in business English and Japanese

Preferred Qualification / 希望項目 
1 Working experience in indirect purchasing for 7 years, and additionally in retail category for 3 years-.
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