Key Job Accountabilities 主要職務           

The D2C Technical Operations Manager plays a pivotal role in enhancing our e-commerce presence,             

focusing on optimizing our D2C E-Flagship websites. This key position bridges technical expertise with             

operational excellence, ensuring our digital platforms perform at their peak.            

1. Website Vital Optimization:            

- Strategically manage technical SEO initiatives to boost search engine rankings, driving more             

qualified traffic and enhancing potential revenue streams.            

- Optimize site speed to exceed user expectations and reduce bounce rates, contributing to higher             

engagement and increased sales conversions.            

- Advance tagging strategies for precise website tracking and analytics, enabling more effective targeting             

in marketing campaigns and a higher return on ad spend.            

2. Operational Efficiency and Performance Management:            

- Monitor and improve operational efficiency and performance in daily issue management,             

including identification and escalation of operational problems and bugs to the IT department.            

- Facilitate efficient ticketing and communication processes for technical issues, ensuring they are             

addressed by IT in a timely and effective manner.            

- Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure consistency and effective communication between IT,             

marketing, CRM, and customer service.            

3. Analytics and Reporting:            

- Produce regular reports on website performance, providing analysis based on KPIs.            

- Develop and execute strategies for site improvements using a data-driven approach.            

4. Technical Leadership within the Team:            

- Serve as the technical lead within the team, providing expertise in understanding and managing             

the system end-to-end.            

- Bridge the gap between technical capabilities and business requirements, ensuring that solutions are             

both technically sound and aligned with business objectives.            

- Foster collaboration and knowledge sharing within the team to promote a deeper understanding of             

technical processes and business needs.            


Must Have Aspects 必須項目             

1. Technical Expertise:            

- Deep knowledge and experience in advanced SEO optimization, website management,             

and related technologies inluding inspecting HTML/CSS/Javascript code.            

- Practical skills in improving website performance and user experience.            

2. Operational Management Skills:            

- Ability to efficiently manage and resolve complex operational challenges.            

- Competence in quickly identifying and resolving technical issues in close cooperation with             

the IT department.            

3. Analytical Abilities:            

- Capacity to make data-driven decisions and derive strategic improvements through quantitative analysis.            

- Understanding and utilization of KPIs and performance metrics.            

4. Communication and Collaboration Skills:            

- Effective communication and collaboration within cross-functional teams.            

- Excellent coordination skills to bridge the gap between business requirements and technical feasibility.            

- Native-level proficiency in Japanese. Business-level or higher proficiency in English.            

5. Leadership and Influence:            

- Ability to exert influence within the team using technical expertise.            

- Leadership in promoting knowledge sharing within the team to deepen technical understanding.            

6. Business Acumen and Revenue Growth Focus:            

- Strong business acumen with a relentless drive to understand and contribute to the bottom line.            

- Commitment to leveraging technical and operational expertise to drive revenue growth and             

business success.            


Preferred Qualification 希望項目             

1. Industry Experience:            

- E-commerce or digital marketing sector experience in consumer goods industry.            

- Familiarity with operating in a digital-focused business environment.            

- Experience working in a global corporate environment, demonstrating an understanding of diverse             

business cultures and practices.            

2. Project Management Skills:            

- Ability to manage multiple tasks or projects effectively.            

- Experience in organizing and prioritizing project timelines.            

3. Technical Certifications:            

- Certifications in SEO, web analytics, database management, or other relevant technical areas.            

- Salesforce Commerce Cloud skills are plus.            

4. Leadership Experience:            

- Experience in leading teams or managing projects, even in an informal capacity.            

- Proven ability to drive change and innovation within an organization.            

5. Innovative Mindset:            

- A proactive approach towards developing innovative solutions.            

- Keen awareness of industry trends and technological advancements.            


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