Main Responsibilities 

  • Effectively manage  IT sourcing activities in line with global and zone category strategy for Tech and Digital, including hardware, software, application service, infrastructure service, cloud service, telecom, cyber security and new technologies 

  • Closely engage with IT team (Digital IT focused on E2E customer journey with omni-channels, Retail IT aiming at creating new retail experience, Sales & Marketing IT focus on B2B and B2B2C solution, Corporate Function IT, Data & Analytics, Infrastructure & Employee Experience, IT Security, Enterprise Architect & Integration, etc.) located in Shanghai and Singapore to build network, anticipate demand, shape requirement. align objectives and approach, and ultimately deliver meaningful value to business and to customer 

  • Develop and conduct market assessment, supplier scouting, competitive tendering and deal structure landing together with IT stakeholders and cross-function partners (Finance, Legal, Ethics, etc.) to obtain the leading competencies and best total value (total cost ownership, exclusivity, right of first refusal, most favored customer, corporate social responsibility, etc.) 

  • Evaluate and identify risk among the tendering process as well as the daily operation, discover and deploy proper mechanism or solution to mitigate the risk, especially in data privacy and cyber security 

  • Promote and enforce business ethics and integrity versus group standard and local regulations, progressively improve the coverage and compliance level in Tech and Digital category 


  1. Drive Tech and Digital category excellence and supplier portfolio optimization 

  • Actively look into the technology trend, supplier market and key ecosystem players, and keep interaction with partners and industry network to establish an up-to-date knowledge base and information source 

  • Build and maintain a solid foundation of Tech and Digital category including supplier profile, stakeholder matrix, business cycle planning and tracking, tendering database, performance database, etc. 

  • Conduct regular spend analysis, performance review and feedback collection to identify opportunity of streamlining and rationalizing the Tech and Digital category (centralization, standardization, modulization, pre-sourcing, service catalogue, etc.) 

  • Develop supplier portfolio with supplier pipeline, access principle, incumbent supplier lifecycle management, development program and exit mechanism to enhance supplier pool governance, performance management and capability development 

  • Co-work with IT and business stakeholders to identify and partner with dominant ecosystem players or innovative start-ups to bring outside-in ideas and practices and promote innovation and entrepreneurship culture 



·    Bachelor’s degree, preferred in IT, IS, Digital, Analysis, Finance 

·    5-10 years of working experience in indirect sourcing 

·    Fluent English both oral and written 


Skill Requirements 

·    Sourcing: Master sourcing and purchasing methodology and tactics with hands-on experience 

·    Communication: Good interpersonal skill to listen, present, influence stakeholders, suppliers, and cross function partners and get buy-in, capable to engage and build a network in a complex organization 

·    Analytics: Capable to conduct data cleansing, integration and analysis work with clear rationale 

·    Tech savvy: Fair knowledge of IT, Digital, Data and AI industry and relevant technology 

·    Project Management: Solid project management skill with hands-on experience in project manager’s role handling end-to-end project delivery 

·    Collaboration: Collaborative and mindful team player, always look at the larger good beyond individual success 

·    Learning agility: Willing to discover and learn new topic and capable to establish knowledge structure to connect the dots cross knowledge domain 

·    Accountability: Take ownership of the assignment, self-motivated and result-driven 

·    Ethics: High standard of ethics and business integrity 


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