In charge of the vision, strategies and roadmap for the division’s e-commerce growth plan and business owner of all e-commerce customers, responsible for delivering the e-Commerce strategy and growth


       Channel Strategy:

-          Implements the Strategic Vision of the eCommerce Channel in lign with the Zone & Local Country Frame

-          Build the annual turnover & media target for the channel & by client

-          Commercial responsibility for the full channel & client P&L

-          Channel Sales Performance:

-          Responsible for monthly & annual turnover of the channel and by client in collaboration with the ecommerce, e-retail & media managers (OBM)

-          Leads the negotiations with all key clients to define annual agreements, sales targets & media targets by clients.

-          Builds monthly & quarterly business review integrating sell-in & sell-out indicators.

-          Leads the multi-div coordination to align and accelerate growth of multi-div clients

-          Identifies new business opportunities in line with the eCommerce Zone frame with a constant attention to business sustainability

       Strategic alignment:

-          Adapts global/WE strategy to fit with the nuances of local e-commerce markets and leverages best practices across geographies

-          Shares regularly ecommerce channel performances with local leadership team including BAM to confirm or adjust the turnover forecast & brand activation.


-          Leads, upskill & develop the e-commerce team

-          Reports to the omni-channel  commercial director

-          Reports in dotted line to Digital & Communication

-          Contributes to the ecommerce upskilling for the division


       PPD GM & Mancom

       Digital Director


       Zone e-commerce & other countries

       Other divisions e-Comm teams & CMO country


       Strategic thinking

       Strong analytical skills

       Strong Negotiation skills (with a specific knowledge of online levers)

       Capable of inspiring strong collaboration in an organization

       Learning agility

       Understanding of the P&L

Digital & eCommerce :

       Awareness of new tech trends

       Strong knowledge of all digital ecommerce marketing levers

       Experience in managing and directing websites, ideally in a similar industry