E Business Manager 


1. 担当企業の売上・利益目標の設定と進捗管理と達成 Achieve Sales & KPIs 
● Delivering Result Strongly 
● Planning Key Account’s Business Plan Key Initiative, Sales Plan with Building Blocks 
● Tracking and Analyzing Key Account’s KPI; Sales, Sales Allowance, Stock, Media, 
● Managing Budget and Ensuing Profitability 
2.担当企業の販売戦略立案・実施・改善/プロモーションプランの企画、立案 / Strategic Planning and Execution 
● Planning Customer Business Plans with Right Understanding about Key Accounts Strategies 
 Planning Customer Promotion Plans; Festival, Brand, Category 
 Optimizing Media Strategy and Merchandizing Strategy; Catalog, Trade Promotion, in Link with the Marketing Plan 
● Planning Accuracy Forecast 
3.担当企業のサイトの管理 / Manage e-Commerce site 
● Developing and Maintaining e-Commerce site 
● Managing Site Fundamentals; A+, Customer Review, Pricing, Stock 
4.担当企業とのパートナーシップの確立/ Joint Business Plan with Key Account 
● Negotiating and Selling Discussion with the Buyers and other key players 
● Sustaining and Developing good relationship with E-Retailers 
5.社内関連部署との連携とチームマネージメント/ Team management & collaboration 
● Maintaining Collaborative Relations with Internal Teams; Sales Division, Supply Chain, Logistics, Marketing, Trade Marketing, CDO, etc. 
● Lead and manage Indirect EC team, about 3-4 people. 
● Maintain understanding of the latest digital opportunity and trends on @cosme and DS EC, inspire the brand with those possibilities and share best practice 


At L'Oreal:

We’re all about innovation, driven by an entrepreneurial mindset and always striving to create positive impact. With a dedicated team of 88K professionals worldwide, we are revolutionizing the beauty industry landscape. Please meet 6 L’Oreal employees to explore our strategy and spirit of innovation.


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