Job Description
⚫ Initiate efficiency digital plan to support brand's business
⚫ Lead related digital products through close cooperation with related functions
⚫ Provide support to business with adequate data analysis and proper programs
Main Responsibilities of This Position
⚫ Daily follow-ups on digital products
⚫ Design and implement To-B (Commerce, CRM, Education) digital products to drive the business
⚫ From perspective of end users, design creative functions to drive to-B business growth
⚫ Develop digital plan based on marketing calendar, the analysis of current business, consumer, and
behavior, customized for new user recruitment, loyal user retention
⚫ Lead the implementation of digital products through close cooperation with related functions
⚫ Timely and accurate report with insightful implication
⚫ Agency management for effective outcome
⚫ Bachelor's degree required
⚫ Minimum 5 years digital product and/or data product owner experience
⚫ To-B (Commerce, CRM, Education) related projects are preferred
⚫ Experience and knowledge in service oriented B2B industry (e.g. hair industry, medical/medical
beauty, wine & spirit, insurance, etc.) is a plus
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