Brand Demand Planner is to hold the full accountability to ensure sales forecasts accuracy and the building of turnover through the piloting of the sales forecast processwhile optimizing the global inventory level for an assigned brand. Creating sales forecast control strategy and design tactical approach as well as proactively engage marketing, finance, sales team to achieve KPI and deliver business impact 


Main Job duties/responsibilities 

  • -Be responsible for the catalog management such as new launch, old product EOL, and contribute to its rationalization.  

  • -Manage the sales forecasts quality and sales forecast process (S&OP). 

  • -Build the baseline forecast as well as challenge and consolidate the promotions and launches sales forecasts projected by the Sales and Marketing teams. 

  • -Ensure the global sales forecast consistency, through the building of a consensus between the commercial forecasts, the financial trend and the sales history. 

  • -Build the global supply plan based on the validated sales forecasts, the Kit assembly plan related promotion and the stocks and supply/procurement parameters.  



  • -At least 3 years of supply chain background and experience in demand and/or business planning is preferable 

  • -Strong in logical thinking. Engineer, Math or Scientific background is preferable 

  • -Excellent interpersonal skill, able to communicate effective at different level of hierarchy 

  • -Excellent presentation skill and analytical skill 

  • -Demonstrates initiative, agility and innovation to generate ideas and solutions in different situations,  

  • -Strong customer focus and commercial awareness 

  • -Well balance of strategic thinking and details for execution 

  • -SAP experience is preferable 

  • -Experience in Futurmaster or equivalent planning software is a plus. 

  • -Business level of English to leading S&OP and dealing with sourcing site 


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