Schedule and follow the contract manufacturing operations in order to ensure the availability of the products, while optimizing the customer service, the costs and improving the stock quality.

Launch management:

 - Validate the retro planning and the availability date of launches with subcontractors. Follow the development status with Development team, communicate the product available dates to the stakeholders. 

- Manage the new product registration process in ERP system to ensure the smooth production. 

- Manage the production planning of renovation, substitution and phase-out of the subcontracted products. 

- Ensure the availability of subcontracted products for launches with subcontractors. Be reactive to all difficulties. 

- Work with S&OP and STC to arrange the shipment from subcontractors to countries or to IDC.

Catalog management: 

- Send the monthly/weekly needs of his/her catalogue to subcontractors and update the availability timing in the system. 

- Ensure the availability of subcontracted products, monitor components/FG production capacity. Anticipate any availability issue and inform key stakeholders, take actions in coordination with related departments to minimize impacts and to avoid crisis. 

- Work with S&OP and STC to arrange the shipment from subcontractors to countries or to IDC.

Supplier management:

- Define the logistic methods and parameters of subcontracting activity. Implement and update logistics requirements. 

- Develop the partnership with subcontractors by defining Supply parameters to foster flexibility and reactivity with Sourcing Center. 

- Set objectives and follow up key performance indicators for subcontracted services. Ensure the agreement with sub-contractors on service level. Summarize performance report, update Supply Chain specifications. 

- Arrange EHS Audit with subcontractors following the instructions of EHS ZONE team.

Supplier stock management: 

- Analyze and communicate on all cases involving slow moving and obsolete materials. 

- Collect PM stock report from subcontractors, summarize/analyze SLOB report with financial team.


Must have

• Positive and team player attitude 

• Logical and analytical thinker with business (customer centric) mind 

• Open minded, adaptable/agile to fast growing and rapidly changing business 

• Good organizational and planning skills 

• Strong communication and interpersonal skills 

• Negotiation skills 

• Has related experience in operations 

• Business level Japanese 

• Business level English


• With a background of engineering/scientific studies 

• Contract manufacturing management experience 

• Consumer goods industry experience 

• Advanced Excel skills (e.g. PowerBI, Power Query, etc) 

• Project management / coordination experience 

• Business level Korean


• Acts / leads with human sensitivity 

• Achieves results, with integrity 

• Fosters a demand-driven Supply Chain with service as a priority 

• Act with economic & business consciousness 

• Be expert in his/her area of responsibility, share and leverage Best Practices 

• Promote innovative ideas and make them happen 

• Demonstrates entrepreneurship 

• Be compliant to Quality, EHS & Operational Excellence Systems

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