Lead the Supply Chain activities aiming at the best customer service while optimising costs and improving stocks quality through the leading of the Demand Planning.

- Size the structures and necessary resources (global budget and operating costs) 

- Coordinate the Demand Planning activities in order to guarantee the sales forecasts accuracy and to participate to the business planning. 

- Be responsible for the reliability and accuracy of the products database. 

- Coordinate the Supply planning activities taking care of the optimization of flows and procurement parameters. 

- Define, lead the strategy and the execution of co-packing for the entity, through the animation of co-packers. Lead and follow the Key Performance Indicators. Define improvements plan. 

- Participate to projects impacting Supply Chain which are initiated by the DG of Operations, the DOP and its entity. 

- Be responsible for the implementation of best practices , the achievement of objectives. Pilot and follow the progress of improvement plans. 

- Coordinate the Supply Chain Planning activities with the internal and external actors and relay the industrial constraints to them.

- Coordinate the S&OP processes between the Business Unit and the different partners (factory, co-packing, MSL) 

- Recruit, develop and manage his/her team taking care of the transfer of know-how and of the development of expertise. Implement organizational changes.

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