Key job accountabilities

Buyer manages several categories of Make-up packaging components & contract manufacturing in North Asia Pacific region.


1.Responsible for PM + CM sourcing of new launch, support and ensure launch to be on time with the right cost.
2.Responsible for driving cost saving projects to happen, collaborating with all related departments, and following, optimizing purchasing price.
3.Involved in the synergy creations in the global context with other sourcing zones such as Europe, USA and emerging markets.
4.Responsible for budget set-up, trend following and PPV controlling.
5.Responsible for driving end-to-end value chain optimization with commercial and technical interventions.
6.Responsible for all commercial aspects including purchasing assessment, negotiations, contracts and supplier relationship development.
7.Responsible for improving supplier performance in 5 pillars (quality, supply chain, CSR, competitiveness and innovation) by leading virtual cross functional team
8. Risk Assessment capabilities to anticipate the crisis to secure business by proactively leveraging external partners and internal stakeholders

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