What are you going to do?

-       Maintain and optimize existing social tracking tools for beauty industry trends more efficiently, get learnings and implication for communication optimization

-       Connect content with business:

n  Find the right content recipe for business purpose like promotion seeding, new recruitment, live streaming etc. include but not limit to content format, phasing and

n  Dig insights from consumer behavior for communication optimization, such as RED search insights

n  Explore how content could help seize new opportunity, for example gifting season, low tier city communication

You are:

-       Passionate in beauty industry, love to learn and share related knowledge. Having beauty industry experience is a plus

-       Social media mania, always at the edge of new trends on Douyin, RED and other digital platforms

-       Good aesthetic in content (both in analysis and creation)

-       A deep and active thinker and acter, always drive your project going forward proactively

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