Apprenticeship - Communication Project Assistant - Professional Products Division

1-year apprenticeship | From January 2022 to January 2023 | Paris area (Levallois-Perret) | Master 1 or 2 |  Salary based on study level

Before starting... What does our recruitment process look like?

You will receive an email to answer 3 competency-based questions with Seedlink, our artificial intelligence tool, enabling us to see your cultural fit with L’Oréal (candidates having answered Seedlink are prioritized).

If your CV is selected, you will be invited for an Exploratory Recruitment Interview. The objective of this interview is for the recruiter to get to know you better so they can capture the métier, division, brand and finally the mission in which you will be able to better express your potential. Our recruiters will have many roles they are recruiting for, so the more precise and authentic you are, the more the recruiter will be able to propose you the assignment that best meets your aspirations.

If you succeed the HR interview, you will get an Operational interview with your potential future manager(s) to convince them that you are the best fit! At this point, your recruiter switches to coaching mode. She or he will help you to best prepare your final interview!

Discover Corporate Communication @ L’Oréal

Let's start with the numbers:

·   Our Media: 3rd World Wide Advertiser& already 47% media in digital

·   Our Data: 1 Billion+ consumer data records

·   Our Love Brands: 234 Million followers, and 3,000 social sites 

In a world of constantly changing consumption and information, the role of communication is more crucial than ever if our brands are to stand out and the reputation of the Group is to be maintained.

Nowadays, Communication teams at L’Oréal play a key role. Their missions is to increase awareness, ensure long-term reputation of our global image and build up the awareness of the L’Oréal Group and its brands. A group’s reputation accounts for 75% of its value and persuasion and influence are becoming ever more decisive in buying. The challenge for a Company is therefore to have effective communications that will make them stand out in a saturated environment.

With opportunities specializing in Corporate communication, Public Relation, Internal Communications, Events… there is something for everyone in theCorporate Communication world at L’Oréal based in France (we can discuss what area you are interested in during your telephone interview).

So what could your apprenticeship look like?

Working closely with the Employee Engagement & Events manager and the Corporte Communication Director for PPD, you will be a transversal Project Manager in charge of:

  • Employee Engagement:
    • Digital:
      • Establishment of a collaborative intranet with the various internal stakholders (countries, cross-functional teams, CMI, education, etc.)
      • Editorialization of the intranet and animation of the global internal PPD community via newsletters (twice a month)
      • Country coordination for topics gathering
      • Creation of specific content
    • Events: Internal events organisation (information meetings, e-events & webinars, international awards)

  • External communication
    • Digital:
      • Animation of the page dedicated to the Division
      • Creation of specific content for social media
      • Country coordination for cascading communication plans and assets with countries
    • Events: Organization of external events (with journalists or external stakeholders)

  • Branding of the Division
    • Managing assets (and their rights) – photos & videos for official comms
    • Creation & follow-up of shootings
    • Creation & follow-up of the graphic charter
    • Creation & monitoring of an image bank

Able to provide an Apprenticeship agreement of 12 months issued by your school - no negotiation on this either!

Fluent French or English speaker (both is great too !)

Creative Entrepreneur: courageous and adventurous. 

Every single day, you spot opportunities to shake things up and change the world for the better. There’s no blueprint for the future.

You’ll have to design it yourself! People oriented. Here, we cherish and celebrate diversity so you’ll feel right at home whoever you are. Respectful. Whether you’re talking to our CEO (this can happen!) or a salon owner on the high street, you treat everyone the same.Willingness to own the strategic level direction whilst maintaining a passion for grass-rootsCritical thinking with strong decision-making abilities

Go go go! We can't wait to meet you!