Clichy, Île-de-France
Full - Time

L’Oréal welcomes people from diverse background and people with disability.


Here is what we are looking for…

We love people that are curious, collaborative, eager to have an impact and who value innovation, autonomy, and team spirit.

💡 In this specific position, it will be important for you to have significant experience in:

  • Data-related technical skills
    • Experience in writing data policies
    • model
    • Full team's spectrum of knowledge encompasses the totality of DG subject matter
  • Product/community management
    • Is skilled in project sponsorship and execution – Stakeholder management
    • Ability to simplify complex concepts and adapt to diverse audience
    • Ability to make rules respected, explaining the rules are important.
    • Can drive enterprise-wide transformational change
    • Confident in his/her expertise to manage use case owner and Data domain

It comes with great challenges such as…

Here are some more insights concerning your missions.

  • Clarify Roles and responsibility btw Data domain and Privacy office. 
  • Ensure and monitor that Data Privacy and Access management policies are implemented across Data domains
  • Animates Data Governance and Analytics communities with focus on policies

Key responsibilities

Implement data access management strategy and operationalization

      Implement Access management guidelines, policies and tooling

      Own access management rules and catalogue :

      Centralize rules coming from Data Domain to ensure no redundancy – Be in charge of Access mgt rules.

      Centralize multi-governed attributes

      Challenge the data domain on adequate  implementation and do impact assessment  when new rules are requested on existing use cases

      Identify rules applicable to use cases and track applicable business rules.

      Give access and visibility to Domain and uses cases of  rules, definition and consumption

      Collaborate with IT to ensure tech delivery of access management tooling and monitoring

      Frame master data requirements and ensure adequate data domain governance.

Our team:

We are a recently created team responsible for managing our data governance strategy and coordinating our 18 data domains around the world.

Our ambition is to create a data-driven competitive advantage through solid foundations and serving use cases by offering @speed, @scale, @quality data.

We are entrepreneurs, passionate, team players and curious. It is the beginning of our adventure, and we are looking for our teammates.

Now, do you imagine being part of an amazing tech transformation?

L’Oréal wants to become the #1 BeautyTech company, meaning inventing the beauty of the future while becoming the company of the future where Tech has become strategic.

BeautyTech environment at L’Oréal means:

  • 2000 Tech & 800 Data positions, growing years after years
  • Multiple tech domains: Data, Digital, Cloud, Cyber Security, IT architecture, DevOps, Applications and Infrastructure
  • Teams of diverse, innovative, skilled and passionate minds fueled by tech innovations

Have a look on our LinkedIn page to get some more informations about the Group!

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