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Dear students and young graduates :

L'Oréal is putting up a whole week dedicated to students because we want to e-meet you !
Whether you are looking for an internship as from February 2021 or willing to know more about our company, this week is for you ! 

There will be two types of events: 

1/ Speed dating with our employees to get to know the day to day life, different positions and divisions.

2/ Lectures with our projects leaders to learn more about what L'Oréal does in different fields:
  • 16/11 - 'Sustainability in Operations' by Florian Delagoutte, Country Operations Director & Supply Chain Director (10 - 11 am)
  • 17/11 - 'Marketing Innovations' by Sebastien Giegas, Brand Business Leader (10 - 11 am)
  • 18/11 - 'The new beauty experience powered by digital' by François Simon, Chief Marketing Officer (10 - 11 am)
  • 19/11 - 'L'Oréal for the Future' by Brigitte Bekaert, Director  Corp. Communication, Sustainability (10 - 11 am)
  • 20/11 - 'Working with trade partners during a crisis' by Sarah Engels, Commercial Director CPD (10 - 11 am)
  • 20/11 - 'Creativity, agility: how L'Oréal Luxe adapted its go to market strategy to better resist Covid crisis' by Simon de Gaullier des Bordes, Commercial Director LUXE (3 - 4 pm)

If you are looking for an internship, please mention it on your CV. 
Know that we are recruiting for a 6 months remunerated internship to start in February 2021 (FR/DU + EN) in these fields: Marketing, Digital Marketing, Trade Marketing, Category Management, Business Analysis, Finance, Supply-Chain, PR & Communication. 

Want to apply to be part of this Students' week ? Send us your CV before the 6 Nov.

In summary you need to mention the followings on your CV :

1/ What field you are interested in for the speed dating (Key Account, Finance, Supply, Marketing, Media, Catman, Trade) 
2/ If you are looking for an internship, the field you are interested in
3/ The topic(s) of the lecture(s) you would like to attend.

We can't wait to e-meet you !