Clichy, Île-de-France
Tempo Integral

Hair/Make-up Manager - RMSP (Raw Material Secure Procurement)

Key Responsibilities:

The RMSP manager has a central role, working with many stakeholders from different metiers (sourcing, R&I, plant, S&Op, Product Development, RM suppliers, top Management) and from all zones in the world.

The role is operational and functional at the same time with the opportunity to be proactive and work on continuous improvement of the processes and tools.

It’s a multi-competence role where you will be able to develop skills such as crisis project management, IT/data skills and synthetic communication.

Strategic missions :

  • RM Crisis Management: 
    1. High impact on Disrupted Turnover of the Group 
      • Avoid Turnover loss due to RM crisis
      • Organize business arbitration with Top Management if needed
  • Business Securization:
    1. Key contributor to the construction of the worldwide RM Securization Strategy in collaboration with R&I
  • Crisis Avoidance Tools:
    1. Be the Business Owner of RM Securization Tools for all stakeholders (Sourcing, Procurement, R&I)
    2. Build the new tools of RMSP with the complete vision from the metier.

In details :

  1. Crisis Management: assess and mitigate RM Risks
    1. Manage RM crisis allocation at the production plan level and resolution in coordination with the suppliers, Plants, Sourcing teams, R&I and Q2I
    2. Manage RM Business Arbitration in coordination with the Top management (DOs).
    3. Perform risk analysis on RMs entering mainly in Makeup & Hair products based on:
      • The Escalation Tracker – RM in Tension
      • RM Supply Risk Scoring 
      • Your Business Scope (Brand Task Force with specific growth assumption)
    4. Activate and monitor RM Securing actions based on the 3 types of levers: Supply Chain levers, Sourcing levers and Formula levers in coordination with the Plants/MSC coordinators, the Sourcing teams and R&I/R&B teams respectively.
  2. RM Securization: anticipate RM needs 
    1. Monitor the worldwide evolution of RM needs (12 months to 3 Years) in coordination with the Sourcing teams (specific RM / strategic suppliers)
    2. Ensure the securization of RM entering into Top formulas in collaboration with Sourcing teams 
    3. Lead innovation pipe RM supply risk analysis in collaboration with R&I and the Sourcing category team, ensuring the cascading of RM supply risk conclusions (GO, GO IF, NO GO) across the organization
    4. Manage RM regulatory switch phasing in collaboration with R&I, the Sourcing teams and S&Ops
  3. RMSP Tools Business Owner
    As Tools business owner for RMSP, you need to have the complete vision of the métier in order to develop the tools needed for RM crisis and securization. You will: 
    1. Be the data referent for RMSP Tools as Métier & Product Owner
      • Tools built on PowerApps, SAP HANA, GCP, using PowerBI 
    2. Follow with IT FinOps the new tools projects
      • Define needs, budget for next year(s) tools
      • Regular follow-up on all tools development
    3. Follow-up on tools bugs to make sure they are solved with IT.

You will develop a strong knowledge about IT and Digital in L’Oréal, working with different teams (BTD, IT FinOps, DPOs from different métiers). 

  1. Transversal Topics 
    1. Deep Dive RM Knowledge
      • Perform RM deep dive process (End to End analysis from RM supplier supply chain to the RM usage impact in Business Finish Goods) 
      • Update RM risks as soon as you get information
    2. RM community animation
      • Participate to the organization of the bi-monthly webinars, divisions reviews
    3. On-going improvement within the RM Secure Procurement Team (process/ tools / training…)



The candidate should:

  • Have a Master’s degree level
  • Have proven experience (at least 6 years/ 2 experiences) in supply chain, sourcing or technical development (projects coordination) 
  • Be fluent in French and English
  • Have advanced communication skills and experience interacting with several stakeholders
  • Have advanced IT skills and appetence for data topics (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Power BI, etc)


The candidate should:

  • Manage complexity. Need to know how to simplify the different problems into main bullet points with associated action plan.
  • Be synthetic when explaining a situation. Should adapt the explanation depending on the stakeholders.
  • Be able to interact effectively with various stakeholders (Sourcing, S&OP, R&I, RM suppliers)
  • Be able to lead change, with both internal and external stakeholders
  • Demonstrate a strong sense of initiative and problem solving
  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Have strong adaptability skills
  • Be data and tool oriented. The candidate should be able to cross many datas coming from different tools.

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