Moscow (Moscow), Moscow
Full - Time
Key responsibilities * Database development (nb. of contacts, quality, data enrichment, engagement rate) * The leadership of all channel of direct communication (emails, SMS, push, web, WhatsApp, videoconsultations) * Management and creation communication to brand customers using 2nd party data (working with partners DB) * Loyalty management and development (own and partners) * All integration processes related to CRM platform Mindbox * Customer care * Business KPI - turnover though database, email channel turnover, Loyalty contribution to sales, ROI DETAILS * Manage schemes for all aspects of communication email, SMS, push and calls campaigns including segmentation and targeting; performance KPIs set-up and tracking as well as campaign reporting. * Triggers. Launch according to current map, ideas for AB test, KPI tracking, result analysis, development of current triggers map, brief, support, launch control * Broadcast Brief, support, launch control, KPI tracking, result analysis * Triggers with Dynamic content - Brief, support, launch control, KPI tracking, result analysis * Pop up strategy - strategy creation, Brief, support, launch control, KPI tracking * Email calendar planning for partners (retail and e-retail).segment and CTA proposal, Brief, support, launch control, KPI traction, result analysis * Tech. setup: - work on 100% delivery of letters to incoming messages (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, PTR, FBL, database validation, the connection of postmasters); - building an RFM analysis system according to audience data, highlighting key segments - setting CRM and CMS-integration, working with API platforms on https, creating TK for programmers - adaptive layout for mobile devices (HTML, CSS); - setting up custom Google Analytics reports * Content adaptation for all channels of communication (media, email, web etc) * Media campaigns support - planning, creative idea generating, segmentation leading, adapting creative materials to segments & platforms * Own omnichannel Loyalty management (comparing to the market new mechanics, engagement & retention enhancement, monthly analysis, reward planning, new idea for triggers - test and launch, 2nd line of support) * Omnichannel Loyalty integration set up (MARS, Magento), including new tools as apple wallet etc. * Loyalty mechanic development for both channel offline + online to drive omnichannel customers * Own offline retail points support with loyalty management * Advanced segmentation creation and application in communication and loyalty * Monthly result analysis, the proposal for development to increase CRM revenue * Budget planning, document support * Build and maintain relationships with key accounts teams. * Work with internal stakeholders (marketing, training and sales teams) and external agencies (CRM and production) to execute projects and to optimize consumer messaging and journey based on LTV analysis. * Management of customer care project - one source of support for call center, develop a quality of support, launch new channel of support, constantly revise & rework compensation policy ​​​​​ Critical competencies: * Strong project ownership and high level of independence * New expertise seeker and constant looking for new projects and approaches * Detail and results-oriented with excellent follow-through, delivering results fast (based on MVP concept) * Ability to multi-task and balance competing priorities and tight deadlines in a fast-changing environment. * A strategic and creative thinker with proven analytical and problem-solving capabilities * Think Omni, customer-centric approach * Ability to interact and communicate with all levels of the organization and external stakeholders * CRM background as must * Nice to have: the experience working with Mindbox, experience of IT project management, marketing background
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