Oversee the brand’s (direct and indirect) online sales and development of an excellent user experience and customer journey, in order to meet yearly objectives.

Responsibilities include budgeting spend, forecasting, team management and reporting performance to the division and larger organization.

This requires a cross-functional player who will partner closely with Marketing, Commercial, Finance, CCC, IT, Legal as well as with e-retail partners. This role will leverage data-driven marketing, SEO, SEM and a focus on mobile-centric ecommerce.

·         Drives customer acquisition, retention and growth through digital marketing, and a seamless customer experience online, including managing CRM, loyalty programs and ensuring delivery and returns processes are effective  

·         Defines the yearly roadmap vision (awareness, acquisition, conversion) for the D2C site (skinceuticals.ca) and e-retail/pureplayer partners at every step of the funnel (inbound traffic, on site, post purchase) and oversees daily calendar (promotions, channels, financial trends & forecast, promotional allowances) as well as reporting 

·         Drives relationship with partners (Marketing, Social, PR) to ensure synergies between the brand’s own digital activities and those of the retailers (product launches 360 plan, forecasts based on data, consumer knowledge, acquisition sets, GWPs, USP of D2C, etc.) 

·         Develops customer understanding through customer data, contributing to the overall analysis of the consumer path to purchase  

·         Activates the right business drivers by tracking and drawing conclusions from specific ecommerce KPIs (unique visitors, conversion rate, AOV, frequency, yearly spend, etc.) to ensure profit optimization while preserving brand image, tone of voice and equity   

·         Adapts strategy to fit with the nuances of local ecommerce markets and leverages best practices across geographies  

·         Ensures that the brand presence and journey online is consistent with overall brand standards and strategy in collaboration with DMI  

·         Drives collaboration with technology teams and ensures continuous improvement and upgrade of the site with an innovative mindset (new services, influencer collaborations, new site versions, etc.) 

·         Manages digital budget (D2C & e-retailers) 

·         Manages, upskills and develops two ecommerce specialists (D2C & e-retailers) 

You posses:

·         A bachelor’s degree in a business-related field

·         3-5 years of experience in managing e-commerce site and a team

·         You excel in analysis, problem solving and creativity

·         You possess excellent communication and presentation skills.

·         Commercial experience is a plus

L’Oréal Canada is an equal opportunity employer

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