Shanghai, Shanghai Shi
Full - Time

Brand Planning:

          Business strategy and development on sub-channel level, develop and implement the trade strategy to contribute towards brand growth targets and cross-category business objectives.

          Yearly /Quarterly /Monthly Brand’s building block /Simulation / business review;

          Builds on categories shopper insight develops customer centric business; Improve value chain by Differentiation  

          Trade policy by BaoPin &by clients

          Work closely with sales/marketing/BTM /sales operation team to manage New launch /assortment/forecast/distribution to drive business growth;

          BOM /Baopin plan/ target allocation / tracking

          Channel target setting by brands/ by customer type/by region;

          Chanel budget control and tracking including PA, OCA, JBP rebate and A&P;

          Review and analyze sales performance including product and promotion;

Job Requirements:

          3-6 years of trade marketing operation related experience

          Good oral and written skills in English and Mandarin Chinese

          Skillful in MS Office, e.g. Excel, PPT

          Strong analytical and numerical sense is a must have

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