Shanghai, Shanghai Shi
Full - Time
• Uses the financial documents and ensures they comply with internal (Management standards) and external standards (GAAP/IFRS) OPTIMIZE COSTS (FINANCE) 
• Applies costing methods to model and evaluate performance in his/her domain of activity (sales, marketing, OPEX...) BUDGET FOR GROWTH (FINANCE) 
• Develops budgets and financial forecasts (trends) in collaboration with the business: P&L, balance sheet, and working capital 
• Understands how these elements relate to achievement of overall business & financial targets • Seizes transfo. levers in Fin. to increase contribution of Fin. to overall effic. & sustain growth of OA: processes, eco models re. new bus… EFFICIENT USE OF REPORTING AND CONSOLIDATION (FINANCE) 
• Ensures financial reporting is aligned with the Group's standards PLAN AND ANALYZE BUSINESS PERFORMANCE 
• Anticipates and identifies opportunities, risks and solutions to close the gap. 
• Sets objectives, goals & targets • Recommends changes in a strategic direction 
• Calculates and interprets financial results ACT AS A PROACTIVE BUSINESS PARTNER (FINANCE) • Uses OA know. & market & fin. expertise to understand, improve, challenge & provide strat. reco. contributing to overall effectiv. of bus. MAXIMIZE SYSTEMS & DATA MANAGEMENT 
• Leverages knowledge and intuition around systems/data management to provide insight into critical issues (SAP, Compass, Magnitude...)
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