[L'oreal Korea]  YSL - Communication Specialist


Takes responsibility for implementing the communication plan aligned with brand objectives & strategy 

1) Execute the communication activities, especially digital/viral campaign
  • Contribute to build and implement 360° local communication activities.
  • Develop a new communication angle with attractive messages.
  • Plan and implement viral activities strategically to make social buzz 
  • Collaborate with influencers-Youtuber/MUA/instagramer/blogger/etc-as a part of viral project
  • Produce press/buzz kits for pre-viral.
2) Create various content collaborated with community, magazine, etc.
  • Strengthen brand's hot trend, especially digital initiative part. 
  • Manage media relations, including new media relations
  • Implement a local pictorial and film production with models
  • Publish content on regular community channels.
3) Analyze and monitor the communication data and competitor
  • Measure and analyze a KPI and performance in communication part. 
  • Deal with a variety of analysis tools for social buzz. 
  • Report and share the social buzz monthly from the data. 
  • Share a competitor status weekly (based on report delivered by a viral agency)
4) Others
  • Write brand news on new launch products.
  • Send a product for magazine shooting, if needed.
  • Handle a usage plan of product, including product order
  • Support communication team

  • Education: University graduate
  • Years of experience: Over 5 years of professional experience
  • Career Experience
    • A minimum of 5 years experience in communication planning or KOLs management Cosmetic company or luxury brand experience is preferred. 
  • Language: Fluent in English (Speaking & Written)
  • Other Skills: Strong understanding of the cosmetic, luxury industry, and print/digital media, build strong relationships, and communicate effectively with related stakeholders.

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