[L'oreal Korea]  Kiehl's - E-commerce Team Manager - Luxe Div.

Responsible for brand’s e-commerce business to gain market share by developing e-commerce strategy and executing sales program for each channel; eRetailer, eD2C, and pure players. 

  • Develop e-commerce strategy by channel to maximize brand presence and revenue while minimizing channel cannibalization. 
  • Plan and execute monthly e-commerce program for each channel initiative.   
  • Develop promotion strategy and monitor competition, to ensure competitiveness while optimizing resource. 
  • Analyze weekly and monthly e-commerce performance to gain market share and develop effective action plan. 
  • Develop seasonal festivals and live shopping program to bring excitement. 
  • Be creative to deliver innovative consumer experience in e-commerce universe. 
  • Works closely with marketing on e-merchandizing to meet consumer needs. 
  • Collaborate with key partners, eKAM, DC, IT, CDO, and agency for maximum efficiency.  

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree
  • Years of experience: +9~10 years of experience in eCommerce
  • Specific Career Experience
    • Must demonstrate a good understanding of eCommerce (preferred CPG industry)
    • Solid experience in above mid-sized e-commerce business in both Direct E-Commerce and Indirect channel. 
    • Team leading experience is a must.  
    • Experience in performance media is a plus. 
    • Language
  • Solid command of English
  • Other Skills
    • Proficient with Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint. 
    • Skill in Google Analytics is a plus.

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