Tempo Indeterminato
Seoul, Seoul
Research & Innovation
Full - Time

[L'oreal Korea] (Jr.) Claim Substantiation Specialist - Corporate SRC/Regulatory Affairs


  • Analyze competitors’ top selling products’ claims and explore scientific and technological substantiating test methodology to support new/better/different claims for our key hero products
  • Contribute to deploying the Group’s claim substantiation and regulatory affairs strategy and implementing regulations, notably for cosmetics and chemicals, in product development and marketing
  • Provide technical and regulatory support throughout the product lifecycle (product formula tech., issuing license to operate/import, claim validation, execution local clinical test to substantiate) from initial research to final marketing 
  • Participate in compiling regulatory reports timely to be in line with quality standards required from authority (MFDS)
  • Contribute to ensuring compliance with relevant rules and local regulations of authorities (MFDS, MOE, MOTIE, etc.)
  • Contribute to cross-disciplinary projects initiated within the technical-regulatory networks in regional and global


  • University graduate or above. Chemical, biology, pharmacy, or any related major. 
  • +2~6 years
  • Experience in RA/ R&I
  • Fluent in both Korean and English
  • Computer skill proficiency : MS PPT, Excel, Word, etc.

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