Full - Time
Key Job Accountabilities  主要職務
・Nurture employees engagement by promoting L'Oreal values via internal events and activities.
・Manage internal corporate communications.  Coordinate with key stakeholders to create engaging and motivational contents for employees. 
・Manage internal corporate webpage (L'Oreal Community) to provide needed information to employees, to solicit open conversation among employees, and to strengthen their sense of belonging to the company.
・Manages communication expertise with the L’Oréal attitude
Must Have Aspects 必須項目
・More than 3 years of experiences in digital communications either at large multinational company or at a PR agency for global clients, ideally for corporate branding
・Good knowledge of digital communication, including web page management
・Experiences/interest in internal communications
・Team player, open minded, flexible, strategic thinker, achiever
・Good Japanese writing skills
・Good English writing and oral skills
・Good coordination skills
・Multi-tasker and accurate (attentive to details)
・Ability to work under dynamic/changing environment
・Sensitivity to confidentiality
Preferred Qualification 希望項目
・Experience in eventing
・Experience in employee engagement

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