Key Job Accountabilities 主要職務
> Analayze and communicate on consumer & market trends in cosmetics
> Use retail (POS) panel data to track both L'Oreal and competitor market performance
> Work alongside local business teams to maximize local business growth by providing marketing related recommendations based on consumer & market analysis
> Work alongside international teams to fuel L'Oreal group innovation
> Manage brand/division specific local studies (i.e. brand image, tareget understanding, usage/habits & attitudes)
> Assist in running key strategic corporate (Nihon L'Oreal) studies such as customer satisfaction, life-time-value and consumer segmentation
Must Have Aspects 必須項目
> 5+ year experience in Consumer Research (both qualitative & quantitative research).
> Good communication and presentation skills in both Japanese and English
> Good PC skills (Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Outlook)
> Good at Consumer Understanding/ Consumer Insight
> Confident with numbers/ calculations and fundamental statistics
> Good sense of trends
Preferred Qualification 希望項目
> Experience in new areas of market research (digital, social media, consumer insight)

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