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To all the TALENT FINANCE professionals out there: 

we are looking for just you to start an exploratory conversation about career opportunities at L'Oréal


Target audience: Financial Controller and/or Brand Controller with 2-5 years of experience


🔊 Calling all innovators, disruptors, and dreamers! 📢

 Join L’Oréal, the world's #1 beauty company present in over 150 markets. For over 100 years, we’ve been transforming, fueled by data, tech, innovation, and science. Together, we solve complex challenges at scale, while staying true to our commitments to society and the planet.

This could be the beginning of an unbelievable journey. Career possibilities are endless – and YOU are in the driving seat.

🔎 What’s in it for you?

At L’Oréal our pioneeristic and agile spirit keeps us interconnected with all métiers, all the time. Forget silos: L’Oréal allows you to be part of an immersive eco-system designed to develop expertise and accelerate your growth.

? Ready to disrupt the future of beauty? At L’Oréal you’ll be asked to go beyond the ordinary and challenge the status quo. What do we expect from you? Be innovative, bring unexpected ideas, push the boundaries and contribute to solving complex challenges!


Problem-solvers at heart, we try and try...until we solve it! Many people (and computers) know how to count...we believe that the best performers are those who can go above and beyond, able to tell the story behind the numbers. We turn data into information, risk analysis into solutions, never losing sight of improving the Group's financial performance.



Finance is where you can make a difference. Rational and visionary at the same time, pushing for even more ambitious goals, we are the business advisors and make strategic decisions for the sustainable and profitable development of the company.

When you love your job and your colleagues, wonderful things happen.

Here are 5 reasons to choose us L'Oréal and apply for this job: 

1. Our teams are OUR SUPERHEROES.

We like to call ourselves a team of creative, smart, and even a little "crazy" people, a team that wants to make a difference. You will have the opportunity to experiment, make mistakes, and try again. And you will never do it alone.

Because you will be able to do extraordinary things and achieve important results together with your colleagues.

2. You will never be too YOUNG TO LEAD or too OLD TO LEARN.

We like to bet on people. L'Oréal is the perfect opportunity for those who want to make a difference. We have great abilities to grow people who have challenged the limits of the real, the possible. Look for example at our CEO, he was an intern in 1978! The success of L'Oréal is in your hands. Make it happen!

3.  Challenge the STATUS QUO

At L'Oréal, we have created an environment in which you are expected to challenge the state of things, bringing forward your ideas and your point of view. That takes courage. True! But if you are an innovator looking for a place to see your ideas turn into reality, you will feel at home at L'Oréal.

4. Getting bored? NEVER.

Sitting at your desk updating email just to pass the time? It doesn't happen. Not at L'Oréal!

In everything we do, we try to anticipate changes in the environment. This means that working here is challenging, exciting and rewarding - but absolutely not boring. Then again, who today is looking for the ordinary?

5. Having fun? ALWAYS!

We work hard, that's for sure. But, let me tell you, we celebrate our successes 110%. Unexpected team building events, Family & Friends days and happy hours with colleagues, just to name a few of the initiatives. Come and see for yourself!


At L'Oréal, you will find yourself as co-pilot of the business while working side by side with the sales team, making sure that the company grows sustainably and efficiently. The "culture of discussion" is very typical at L'Oréal-everyone expresses themselves in debates or discussions, moments necessary to arrive at important and shared decisions. It takes curiosity and sensitivity for a market as dynamic as the beauty market.  We are looking for brilliant minds to tell the story behind the numbers. Find out more about the Talk in Freedom with Eduardo!


- the ability to understand local business practices and market realities - finance excellence

- the skill in providing realistic and applicable proposals for each different Brand and divisions, using market/financial expertise

- the ability to develop financial budgets and forecasts: P&L, overhead, balance sheet...


By applying for this opportunity. You will receive a response in each way after an evaluation of your resume, made and sent by real people. If the evaluation is positive you will have access to the next steps of the selection process (HR interview...)questa opportunità. Riceverai ad ogni modo una risposta dopo una valutazione del tuo curriculum, fatta e mandata da persone reali. Se la valutazione è positiva avrai accesso agli step successivi del processo di selezione (HR interview…)


Podcast sectionLast but not least: did you know that L'Oréal Italy has a podcast on Spotify? It may be useful for you to prepare and find out more about the company, the business and its culture. Enjoy🎧 “The Voice of L’Oréal” 🎧 


Join the Finance team at L'Oréal and turn your passion into a job. 
Because beauty is a serious business.



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