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Key Skills of an Education Manager

The education manager must possess expert leadership qualities. Along with this, he or she must be also good in the following things essential in an education manager:


  • Knowledge about curriculum development
  • Expert in people management
  • Ability of effective communication and presentation
  • Ability to undertake detailed researches
  • Innovative and motivational skills
  • Being thorough and effective
  • Knowledge about reporting and budgeting
  • Expert analytical and organizational skills
  • Expert in time management
  • Ability to supervise people

Job Responsibilities of an Education Manager

The major job responsibility of an education manager is to supervise the staff and manage the overall management functions of the school or college. Along with this, he or she is also responsible of undertaking some additional job duties that are as follows:


  • Interviewing and recruiting new staff
  • Training the newly recruited candidates and allocating them work
  • Implementing various education programs
  • Understanding the necessities of the education center and equipping them accordingly
  • Approving the curriculum prepared by the education coordinator
  • Ensuring that the rules and policies of the organization are followed properly
  • Attending the administrative meetings
  • Interacting with the staff periodically to understand the progress and necessary requirements
  • Manage and evaluate the development of new courses
  • Prepare and manage the reports and present them before the higher authorities and trustees
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