North Little Rock, AR, Arkansas
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Job Description Form


Section 1: General Information

Job Title:

Distribution Machine Assistant


Supply Chain – Physical Distribution

FLSA status:






Supervisor Title:

Distribution Supervisor or Manager


North Little Rock, AR


June 2020


Section 2: Job Summary (limit your description to one paragraph):

Responsible for meeting production schedules by ensuring that the Automated Loose Pick (Alps) machine is kept running in good order and according to perform first level maintenance and cleaning.


Section 3: Job Requirements (Minimum number of years of experience, skills, certification, and academic background required to perform this job):

  • Required: High School diploma or equivalent (GED)
  • Preferred: 2-3 years’ experience in warehouse environment



  • Must be able to read, count accurately, do simple math, and write legibly
  • The ability to follow directions with emphasis on safety is extremely important
  • Familiarity with all skills and duties of an MMS1 is required
  • Familiarity with common hand tools


Special Requirements:

  • Must have responsible work habits
  • Mechanical Skills:
  • Proficiency utilizing Pacman
  • Ability to refurbish Speed Ejector
  • Install ejectors in KNAPP A-Frames on both 1st and 2nd levels
  • Installation of channels in KNAPP A-Frames (7-foot, 5-foot, and 2nd level A-Frames)
  • Ability to work with assigned tools: Allen wrenches, Screwdrivers, wire snips, pliers etc…
  • Ability to understand blueprint layouts of Automated Loose Pick Station where all essential Scanner station, printers, photo eyes etc. are located.  
  • Knowledge Distribution Warehouse Management Systems (SAP, KNAPP, KiSoft)
  • Computer Skills:
  • Microsoft Excel, able to make spread sheets and accurate entry of data
  • Operation of Brady Label maker and its program
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word to print rack and channel labels for products
  • Ability to operate Surface Pro Notebook
  • Ability to effectively run the command center



Section 4: Judgment and Decision Making (Describe the nature and impact of decisions required for this position as well as the type of supervision required for this position from the following: Close, Moderate, Intermittent, None):

Close to moderate supervision required for this position

Employee should be able to work independently and train others effectively

Section 5: Essential Physical Requirements (if applicable-i.e. lifting – exactly how much, bending, climbing, driving equipment):

Must be able to read, count accurately, do simple math, and write legibly. Lift up to 35lbs.  Repeating motions that may include the wrists, hands and/or fingers. Bend, twist, stand, and/or kneel for up to 10 hours per day. The ability to follow directions with emphasis on safety is extremely important.


Section 6: Financial Scope (if applicable):



Sections 7: Essential Duties and Responsibilities:  Briefly describe 5-8 primary duties/responsibilities of the job.  Please list these duties in order of importance and include the percentage of time spent or required for each activity.

Tasks, Duties & Responsibilities

% of time spent

Total should =100%

  • Perform preventative maintenance on equipment, establish nominal settings, and troubleshoot
  • Working with assigned tools responsible for setup and unslotting of new or version

changes to products in the Distribution Center

  • Make minor repairs to all ALPS machinery: Carton Erector, 3M case Sealer, KNAPP

Pack Stations, Conveyor Sensors, Zebra Printers, and RonPack fill paper dispenser

  • KNAPP Ejector maintenance (refurbishing, replacing cog belts) and troubleshooting
  • Working Knowledge of SAP (Warehouse Management System) and KiSoft (Machine Software)
  • Running product stocking Reports in SAP dealing with product movement
  • Daily checking of all sensor and barcode readers in KNAPP are clean and aligned correctly
  • Maintain consistent inventory of ejectors parts
  • Enter new or version change product in Warehouse Management Systems using correct transactions (SAP, KNAPP)
  • Fix minor repairs at the scan station AV01 with the case labeler
  • Monthly Run SAP report to unslot all status 70 items and meet with Area Supervisor to determine next steps
  • Fix Trash Line Jams by unblocking empty boxes that get stuck
  • Answer all Radio calls from Command Center Operator
  • When unslotting products, do the pullback physically and systematically in SAP
  • Slot maintenance according to LSW


Quality Responsibilities

  • Run Hourly Automatic Picker Reports on (AUT1 & 2) to work KNAPP Picking errors, Fix Technical Errors and Logical Errors
  • Monthly Rack inspections to replace worn labels/missing labels
  • Ensure all Green picking totes Barcodes are in work condition
  • Ensure proper setup of product in Automated Loose Pick (ALPS)
  • Assist in the training of new MMS Is or MMS IIs on:
  • Loading product properly
  • How to read and understand rack labeling
  • What the Red, Yellow, and Green light indicate
  • How an Ejector 2007 works and what each sensor does
  • How to clear product jams
  • Inspect new product to insure it can dispense in A-Frame picking operation.
  • Run Daily, in KiSoft, the Scanner Statistics report to trouble shoot any scanning issue
  • Investigate and report all technical errors
  • Inspect Current product Slotting for optimization in relocating
  • Report all packaging issues to Supervisor or manager.
  • Clean A-Frame Automatic Loose Pick Machine regularly example (pull loose Out from in-between ejectors, vacuum ejector eyes and channels.
  • Ensure that sensor in slots are working effectively and troubleshoot as needed
  • Execute shortage/overage investigation



Safety, Housekeeping, Security

  • Maintain a clean, neat, and orderly 5S work area
  • Conduct operations in a manner that promotes safety



Section 8: Required Competencies: Briefly describe 5-8 primary competencies that are core requirements for this position, in order of importance.  Different from job responsibilities, these are “soft skills” that are required for success.  Please refer to the L’OREAL USA MAP competencies.  Examples include leadership, interpersonal or analytical skills, ability to multi-task, etc.



  1. Acts with human sensitivity: Demonstrates respect with commitment to CPD Operations Values:  Trust and Trustworthiness, Teamwork, Innovation, Accountability
  1. Interacts effectively: Listens and communicates effectively
  1. Displays sensitivity to the “Metier” of L’Oréal: Focuses on quality
  1. Demonstrates entrepreneurship: Takes initiative and focuses on customers
  1. Achieves results with integrity: Conveys energy, acts with integrity, and focuses on results
  1. Innovates: Shows curiosity and promotes team creativity
  1. Manages complexity: Reasons from multiple perspectives


Please Note:  This job description does not list all duties of the job.  Employees may be asked by management to perform other duties.  The employer has the right to revise this job description at any time.

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