Tempo Indeterminato
Taipei, Taiwan
Full - Time

•    Develop a deep understanding of current and future needs of our stakeholders 

•    Work in close collaboration with business owners to execute on our aligned roadmap 

•    Diligently gather requirements and capture as user stories that can be executed 

•    Work collaboratively with a delivery team of Data Engineers, BI developers and Business Analysts to design and deliver products that provide the insights our stakeholders require to make strategic and tactical business decisions 

•    Understand the data definition from various platforms and translate for use by the company and its various business unit 

•    To establish with IT a smooth and accurate flow of data using the correct integration system

 •    Establish, monitor and improve data models using the tools available to analyze data for business use within the platforms

 •    To upskill business and data professionals associated

 •    Be accountable for the end-to-end delivery of your use case

 •    Provide ongoing support to stakeholders and end users of our data analytics use cases

 •    Monitor ongoing use of data analytics use cases to help us take invest/divest decisions


•    3+ years of relevant work experience in Data engineering or Data Warehousing 

•    Experience with GTM/GA managements 

•    Experience with general-purpose programming languages (e.g., Python, Java, JavaScript) •    Experience in data processing of textual and numerical data, manually and programmatically.

 •    Experience with designing data models using SQL and NoSQL database management systems •    Experience with Cloud service such as Microsoft, GCP or AWS 

•    Experienced on data collecting, cleansing and utilizing

 •    Experience with data preparation and visualizations on BI reporting tools such as PowerBI、Google Looker/Data Studio, etc.

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