Shanghai, Shanghai Shi
Finance & Controlling
Full - Time

1/ Payments and accounts management

         Ensure the accuracy of payments on time and guarantee the security of operations and participate in the fight against fraud.

         Manage banking and account arrangement, enhance the account structure to better support the Treasury work.

         Manage E-banking access is appropriate setup to ensure controls in place.

2/ Responsible for boutiques opening, bank related business and support on boutique daily operations

         Work closely with the Bank, Retail teams and Operation team to help boutiques to be well serviced.

         Streamline and enhance the process among the boutiques, the bank and PSP.

         Other coordination both for internal business teams and external bank and PSP.

3/ Optimize and maintain Treasury process.

Ensure the strict execution of control procedure.

Conduct periodical review upon internal control process and propose changes to reflect the latest regulatory and compliance requirements.



1/ Knowledge, skills & abilities:

         Major in Economics or Finance

         Effective communication skills

         Good command on English

         Good command on Microsoft tools

         Work independent and word hard

2/Minimum experience:

         5+ years in Finance with Treasury experience

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