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Full - Time


u  Build, enhance and maintain the engagement with SKC business target Key Dermatologists

1.      Working as medical expert of ISC and products, 60% of time for field Medical visits (20 times) monthly, leverage ISC key benefits and introduce ISC advance in therapeutics area to regional key opinion leadersROLsby face-to-face interaction


2.      Identify field commercial needs then develop regional medical support plan and fully alignment with central MA&E team, field training team and BDM

3.      Collect ROL insights with comprehensive analysis, then share with central medical team, initiate regional IIT/PMS studies align with annual medical strategy


u  External Medical Education for Dermatologists

1.      Create medical education networks with tactics plan to ensure the target Dermatologists are involved in ISC contents


2.      Develop or initiate case collection campaign to explore unmet cosmetics needs in ISC, proactively identify experienced ISC Dermatologists and influence others

3.      Work with Dermatologists to co-develop high quality education content or materials to leverage best ISC practices


u  Central Medical projects down to earth execution field

1.      Work under the central MA&E strategy, facilitate central projects down to earth execution in field, including but not limited to: multi-center studies, CME, ISC forum and ISC consensus road show


u  Compliance

1.     100% adherence to compliance with relevant company and industry code of conduct and to comply with local country codes.

2.     Be sure to understand LOREAL policies when engage to Dermatologists and key external stakeholder.

Job Requirements & Competencies / 工作要求

u  Education/ Academic background / 教育及专业背景

1.      Master’s degree in clinical medicine preferred.

2.      Clinical practice experience in dermatology is preferred.

u  Working experience /工作经验

1.      More than 1-2 years working experience in pharmaceutical or medical device company as MSL, specialized in dermatology is preferred.

2.      Previous working with Clinical study experience is a plus.

u  Technical / skill training / 技能要求

1.      Knowledge and experience of the pharmaceutical industry, medical device or cosmetics.

2.      Knowledge in CSAR policy and cosmetics regulations.

3.      Good communication skills with good interaction internally& externally.

4.      Build long term partnership with Dermatologists and key societies by closely scientific engagement.

5.      Business acumen and marketing sense (good understanding Cosmetics and Aesthetics industry market landscape).

6.      Excellent project management skills within annual budget.

u  Language ability / 语言能力

1.      Fluent in spoken/ written English.

u  Computer literacy / 电脑水平

1.      Fluent Microsoft Office operation skills.

u  Travel Frequency / 差旅情况

1.      30-40% during normal business operations.

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