You wonder, what is L'Oréal Operations all about?

​​​​​​​It's Supply Chain, Sourcing, Manufacturing, Product Development, Packaging, Quality, Health, Safety & Environment, Finance and IT for Operations, Corporate Property and Real Estate and Corporate Security. 

Turning dreams into products and putting them in billions of hands

Working in Operations is all about bringing new ideas from inception to the end consumer. You might develop new products, work in our sourcing teams to co-create with our suppliers, bring high-tech solutions to our 41 factories and help us develop our Industry 4.0 strategy or innovate our supply chain to accelerate the digital transfromation.



Wojciech, Operations Director for Eastern Europe tells us what it takes for the L’Oréal teams to drive supply chain and manufacturing innovation through digital transformation in 32 countries.



Did you know that when Baby Lips by Maybelline was launched, the manufacturing demand grew over 500% in production within the first two years? Chris, AVP of Industrial Product Development, talks about the extraordinary capacities we need to make sure we keep up with consumer demands and high volume production innovation.

Strategic Innovation



We caught up with our Operations Team to hear about the secret life of Operations : how it becomes a source for strategic marketing innovation, it's remarkable influence on L'Oréal's sustainable objectives, and the life as an engineer at L'Oréal.



What inspires you? The production of our products is one of our many sources of inspiration. There’s very little in the world that takes our breath away quite like an object that was lovingly crafted, built with care and passion, and presented with the sort of pride that befits a marvelously well-made item.

Connected DEVICES

It takes a global fleet of Operations (Sourcing, Packaging, Supply Chain, Manufacturing…) alongside R&D and Marketing teams to bring L’Oreal innovations from ideation to the consumer. Cristina, Industrial Product Development Director for our Active Cosmetics Division tells us how extraordinary innovation happens when teams across four corners of the globe align.