Finance & Controlling
Full - Time
1-year apprenticeship  |  From September 2021  |  Paris area  |  Master 1 or 2  | 

What does your job look like?

Run Optimization:

Contribute to the continuous improvement of the solution through several points:

a. User experience: Processes to be improved or delivered to enhance user experience(Requests on SNOW)

b. User Comprehension: Documentation & Learnings for Controllers

c. Contribution in the analysis of recurring issues and performing functional tests

User Support on SNOW:

Providing support on Compass to controllers

You are...
  • A Master student  - No marge of negotiation on this one! Able to provide an apprenticeship contract (apprentissage or professionalisation) of 12 months - no negotiation either! 
  • Creative Entrepreneur: courageous and adventurous. Every single day, you spot opportunities to shake things up and change the world for the better. There’s no blueprint for the future. You’ll have to design it yourself! 
  • People oriented. You’re not afraid of new ways of doing things or of other people’s (sometimes crazy) ideas. Here, we cherish and celebrate diversity so you’ll feel right at home whoever you are. 
  • Respectful. Whether you’re talking to our CEO (this can happen! ) or a fellow intern, you treat everyone the same.
  • Willingness to own the strategic level direction whilst maintaining a passion for grass-roots
  • Critical thinking with strong decision-making abilities
  • Confidence in a fast-paced and ever-changing dynamic environment
  • Strong capability with quantitative and qualitative measures

Your advantages: 

Monthly Salary : We are aligned with the legal frame for apprentice recompensation, your salary depends on different factors such as your level of studies, your age and if you have done other apprenticeships before
Unlimited access to the L’Oréal “MyLearning Platform” to boost your competencies development
VIP access to the internal L'Oréal online shop to buy and test our products  

Go go go! We can't wait to meet you!
  • Puedes inscribirte en un máximo de tres ofertas en un período de 30 días.
  • No puedes retirar tu solicitud una vez enviada, así que asegúrate de elegir la posición que mejor se adapte a tus habilidades y aspiraciones.
  • Visita el apartado “Tu espacio de candidatura” para ver las ofertas en las que ya te has inscrito.
  • Por favor abstente de crear cuentas adicionales con emails distintos ya que es probable que tus cuentas se unifiquen y que tus candidaturas en curso se pierdan