Full - Time
[L'oreal Korea] CRM Strategy Sr. Specialist - Luxe Division

[Job Summary]
To lead customer growth and future value creation, we are looking for a CRM Strategy Sr. Specialist who can lead integrated membership growth strategy & loyalty strategy initiatives.

[Key Job Accountabilities]

1. Lead Customer Growth Strategy & Initiatives focusing on Membership Expansion/Upgrade
  • Optimize existing membership enrollment program(+journey) to amplify online(E-commerce) customer growth
  • Plan/Execute new programs by leveraging membership app to expand Omni. customer base
  • Launch value-added new services & functions within membership app to enhance customer engagement
  • Redesign membership/service policy
  • Establish membership performance dashboard (incl. program/service performance analysis)
2. Maximize Customer Loyalty by collaborating with Luxe Division brands
  • Strategize/plan division loyalty framework with in-depth customer analysis (Size/CLTV/Program Maximization)
  • Renovate brand mileage programs with a long-term strategic vision (Build New Engagement/Gamification) 
3. Cooperate with North Asia Regional team for CRM upgrade
  • Align North Asia Regional level framework & initiatives with Korea Luxe division CRM strategic direction
  • Implement & upgrade latest CRM mar-tech through cross-country collaboration

Professional Career Growth Opportunities
The right candidate will grow into the best version of CRM expert by leading division-level CRM strategies with industrial CRM experts in Luxe CRM organization. 
With a crystal-clear vision of global No.1 beauty company’s CRM vision/strategy (D2C transformation), 
A candidate 
1) will be at the center of game-changing CRM evolution, 
2) will utilize state-of-the-art CRM mar-tech tools, and 
3) will have career growth opportunities as a future leader in the fastest-growing Luxe CRM organization

  • University graduate
  • 6~9 years (under 10 years)
  • Fluent in both Korean and English
  • Professional Prioritization & Problem-solving skills in fast-paced brand CRM activities
  • Proficient with Excel, PPT, Word

: more than 3~4 years of CRM experience or Product Owner/Service Planning/Strategic Analytic Career Background

1. E-commerce/Start-up/Platform company
2. Distribution (dep. store, duty free, retail, etc.)/Fashion company
3. Cosmetic/FMCG/Luxury Company is a plus
4. Credit card (or other finance company) / Telecom company

: Not a requirement, but a crucial success factor for candidates’ fitting to the job position

1. Highly analytical & strong/effective problem solver based on a strategic approach
2. Strong/collaborative communication capability (English fluency will be a plus)
3. Self-motivated, curious to understand/solve customer’s fundamental problems
* Highly motivated to the data-driven/agile organizational culture & methodology
4. CRM Job expertise with outstanding performance
  • Project management with membership program renovation
  • Problem-solving experiences with hypothetical & analytical approaches to the root cause
  • Innovative CRM program design (including app-based services)
  • Experience in business strategy consulting projects (including in-house projects)
5. Understanding of CRM mar-tech/marketing/analytic tools
* Marketing Campaign Automation, Customer Data Platform, Google Analytics

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