Bucharest, Bucureşti
Full - Time

Main Responsibilities: 

• Monitor the management of several areas of management/activity (commercial, Brands, procurement, supply chain, etc.) with a degree of autonomy, experience and/or a broader scope than the one(s) of a Financial Analyst

• Develop and maintain timely and accurate financial statements and reports that are appropriate for the users, ensure that the financial records are accurate and complete, making sure that all the report delivered are in accordance with the Group Reporting Norms

• Draft the Plan, Budget and Trends for his/her area of activity

• Produce or supervise the monthly reports for his/her area of activity.

• Optimize the costs and efficacy of actions undertaken in accordance with the Standards and good practices set down by Internal Control by maintaining constant links with his/her contacts (e.g. customer benefits, value analysis, cost analysis, POS advertising, CSV etc.).

• Monitor costs and carry out all analyses required to identify risks and opportunities and to propose the appropriate actions.

• Monthly analysis of the Actual figures vs. Budget and deliver proper explanations for the variances incurred


• Bachelor Degree in Finance and background as Financial Controller or Analyst with 2 years of experience.

• Super user in Excel and SAP

• Demonstrate a positive attitude, personal drive to achieve and exceed targets

• Flexible and positive approach when dealing with changes

• Good prioritization and analyzing skills

• Ability to work with tight deadlines

• Ability to see the big picture while focusing on the process and procedures necessary to produce deliverables;

• Innovative thinking

Things you must know:

• We love to be the first at L'Oréal. You will get endless autonomy to propose, experiment, take risks and ensure that we stay at fore front of everything.

• The beauty industry is changing! We are leading the way and you will be shaping the revolution.

• We are not going to lie, the pace will be intense. We'll rapidly innovate! This also means that you'll be learning faster than anyone else in the industry.

• We have the resources, the focus, and a large enough user base to experiment with any ideas we can come up with. And you're going to be right in the thick of it.

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