Montréal, Quebec
Full - Time

The Sales Planning coordinator is responsible for the sell-in of our launches and promotions & internal communication on changes and solutions driven. He/ She is also responsible for the per door allocation, coordination, and execution of all promos and launches to ensure they arrive in store on time to allow for maximum sell-out.


  • Work closely with marketing, customer service, Supply Planning, KAM, RMS, and Business planner for the management of all promotions and launches.
  • Work with marketing and KAM to plan the quantities for all upcoming promotions and launches to ensure we maximize sales and minimize returns.
  • Build order flow per retailer by allocating the right quantity based on availability, strategy and potential sell-through.
  • Work with marketing on the creation of the masters for all promos and launch projects
  • Strategic allocation per door of all promos and launches for all retailers
  • Create action plan for any quantities left over after a promotion has shipped. 
  • Take the leadership in resolving & communicating for promo launches changes, issues, and updates
  • Have a proper communication with all internal parties using promotions & launches (KAMs, RMSs, Planners, Customer Care)
  • Participate in project marketing meeting and provide a risk recap to all parties concerned with solutions proposed, next steps and people to take actions.
  • Enter all new launches and their respective testers in sales force order forms. 
  • Work with Demand Planning to ensure the promo launch forecast is accurate
  • Adjust forecasts for Promos and Launches (via FM template) for all commercial driven changes


  • Strong Analytical Skills
  • Well organized & good relationship skills
  • Solutions driven
  • Ability to multitask
  • Attention to detail

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