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Part - Time



Join our Packaging teams!


*** Beginning between July and September 2020 for 12 months ***


It is 10:30 am, Thomas ends a meeting with Development engineers who wants to launch an ecofriendly shampoo with refillable packaging. Neither one nor two, his manager asked him to think about the specifications of this Packaging by learning about the technical issues, possible materials and suppliers who can respond to such a Marketing brief. The project is launched; Thomas takes his phone and contacts our suppliers!


Like Thomas, are you an engineering student passionate about technique and design issues? Do you want to be at the heart of the product launch and quickly see your results on the market? Our alternating missions for Packaging are made for you!


In collaboration with the Development, Purchasing, suppliers and factories teams, the objective of our Packaging teams is to master the creation of innovative, functional, attractive and environmentally friendly packaging in order to meet the expectations of our consumers. .


In increasingly shorter time frames, rigor and pragmatism are necessary to face design challenges by relying on all available digital technologies such as CAD, rapid prototyping (3D printing) or digital simulation.



For more information, discover this interview with L'Oréal Packaging Expertise Director.



But more concretely, an alternation in Packaging at L'Oréal, how is it going? Camille shares her experience with you!



Several work-study offers are available in the field of Packaging in the various Operational Departments or in the expertise or compatibility teams.


As part of your missions, you can for example:


  • Take charge of operational projects: product launches (multi-material) in connection with the different actors of the launch: Marketing / development / purchasing / suppliers / factories
  • Ensure the technical design of the packaging (glass, plastic, metal, paper, cardboard, label ...) in the form of a 3D and 2D plan
  • Share design choices with your partners
  • Follow the development with our packaging suppliers up to the technical approval which includes industrialization in our packaging factories and compatibility, in accordance with our Quality requirements
  • Manage technical expertise projects on a technology (make-up, dispensing, materials, POS ...)
  • Create technical or design guides for operational teams
  • And above all innovate, go further: mark this alternation of your imprint!



What we offer you:

  • 12 months in passionate teams

  • A formative experience, you will learn much more than you could have imagined

  • Challenges, opportunities to seize and as many responsibilities to take

  • The opportunity to innovate and create the products of tomorrow

  • HR monitoring to support you in building your future career

  • Compensation according to profile.


Your profile:

  • Bac +4 / 5

  • Engineering School / University

  • Knowledge of mechanics, design, industrial product design, materials

  • English professional level

  • Rigorous. Your work is always precise and of quality!

  • Curious. You like to have various interlocutors and you know how to adapt to each of them.

  • Synthetic. You have an analytical mind and manage to summarize your ideas succinctly.

  • Open. You share your ideas and integrate the opinions of others in order to find the optimal solution.

  • Passionate. The technique fascinates you and you like to discover all its aspects.



Apply now to join the L’Oréal adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions


The recruitement process:


It has two stages:

The HR interview: it takes the form of a telephone / Skype interview. Always exploratory, this is a very open discussion with a recruiter to get to know you better and identify the business, division, brand on which it is relevant to position yourself.

Interview with managers: You will then pass an interview directly with the manager in order to discuss the missions entrusted.



What is the level of responsibility for an apprentice at L’Oréal?


Being an apprentice at L’Oréal means being integrated into a team like a full member, with a real scope and responsibilities. Your manager is there to support and develop you throughout your work-study contract. But of course, the first player in your sandwich course is you! Be proactive, take initiatives, be innovative and have fun!



How is the integration of apprentices going?


Without revealing too much, there are several integration events with the aim of networking and strengthening the Group vision!

All of our work-study students also have access to a dedicated digital platform. Its role is to facilitate integration within the Group through training, a glossary of the L’Oréalien vocabulary, a trombinoscope of all of the Group's interns and work-study students present at the same time as you, and much more.



Can we be hired at the end of our apprenticeship?


Yes, in Operations our trainees and apprentices represent our main recruiting pool. On average each year, 70% of our junior jobs are filled by former interns or alternates. However, nothing has been taken for granted, the 12-month work-study period is for you and for the Group an opportunity to assess your future projection.



I don’t know anything about cosmetics; do I have my place?


Less than a third of apprentices at L’Oréal have already had experience in the world of beauty or fashion. Having a personal sensitivity to cosmetics is an asset, but we attach even more importance to other essential qualities which are the spirit of enterprise, the capacity to innovate, to question, to propose ideas in rupture or even the want to have a real impact on the market.