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Our Business Development teams are all about figuring out those nitty gritty details about how much of our business will grow and where that growth will come from. While our Sales teams are more into building relationships and taking one step after another to get from point A to point B eventually making billion of people fall in love with our products. 


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Do you love building, managing, and leveraging relationships that are based on trust, respect, and a mutual appreciation? Do you love hunting and closing great deals? Do you enjoy a hectic pace, jaw-dropping creative and products loved by billions worldwide? We are a team who likes to blow the socks off by finding another hidden opportunity and closing another great deal. Up for the challenge?


Meet our VP OF SALES

Learn more about Kevin’s journey to L’Oréal. Kevin started out in Health Care - medical distribution and sales, experiencing various leadership roles in Sales Management, Corporate Accounts, Marketing. Currently Kevin leads a Sales team in the US focusing on Business Development, National Accounts and Sales Administration.



Marcelo works in Business & Customer Development in L'Oréal Brazil. To reach the best results, Marcelo connects directly with consumers at the point of sale and with customers as he takes charge of the entire commercial team. Learn more about the importance of a collaborative environment as he talks about his unique position of being able to communicate how L'Oréal creates trends.


The scale of a market leader, the spirit of a challenger and the speed of a startup - that’s how Andrea characterizes L’Oréal. Learn more why Andrea chose to join L’Oréal at the start of his career.

The future of TRAVEL RETAIL

The future of Travel Retail is happening now. Beauty is the number one category in Travel Retail, and L’Oréal is the historic market leader of this category with 21.3% market share in 2013. The market should double in value before 2025 reaching US $120 billion.



Like much of the internet you may have mistaken him for NBA star Dwyane Wade or LeBron James or even both. But no, the man behind the LinkedIn post that has now been viewed over one million times is Papis Camara, Key Account Manager for L’Oréal Professionnel in the UK. We asked Papis how he was finding his newfound internet stardom and to tell us more about his inspiring story.

Fast track CAREER

Learn how Valerio, grew from a Sales Intern to a Product Manager in just 7 months bringing iconic brands known and loved by millions across 140 countries. The key advice from Valerio: “Act as if L’Oréal was your own company. Take initiative, fail, fail better, do again, do better, succeed, and share your learnings as you escape your comfort zone.”

Travel Retail IN CHINA

When it comes to beauty products, China is an un-tapped market just waiting to be engaged — and once it is, the face of travel retail will change forever. As the number one traveling nationality for beauty spend in Asia and worldwide, catering your products to the Chinese market is a no-brainer. Launching your business onto the travel retail stage, however, requires a deep knowledge of the market in China.