What we love in Operations is PACE!

Everything happens at a million miles per hour.
The creative and innovative mindset amongst
our engineers is the key keeping up with the
speed in 40 plants and 150 logistics sites

Turning dreams into products and putting them in billions of hands


Working in Operations is all about satisfying our urge to build something new by flexing our innovation muscle. You might develop new products, work on the high-tech strategy for supply chain and production, coordinate across 45 worldwide factories or get involved in purchasing and sourcing initiatives across the world with smart factories being at the heart of Industry 4.0. Whatever you do you will be helping take our products and business further than ever.



Developing craftsmanship in L'Oréal Operations is the key to creating products that rise above the mediocre, and it is key to earning the respect of customers worldwide. Attention to detail is where all of the difference is made. A true artisan is meticulous about the details. We take the time to polish and style to the small things that can easily go overlooked, because we know it will make a difference to our business and to our customers worldwide.



Carlos - Packaging Director - leads the change every day by sourcing the latest technology, suppliers and materials to ensure the best packaging for L'Oréal products worldwide. Get inspired by the story of Carlos - how the packaging industry in the beauty industry enables Carlos to work on some amazing projects with the latest technology innovation. The highlight of Carlos' job include seeing the finished product on the shelf, and creating value for billions of customers worldwide.



We caught up with our Operations Team to hear about the secret life of Operations : how it becomes a source for strategic marketing innovation, it's remarkable influence on L'Oréal's sustainable objectives, and the life as an engineer at L'Oréal


Our production LINE

What inspires you? The production of our products is one of our many sources of inspiration. There’s very little in the world that takes our breath away quite like an object that was lovingly crafted, built with care and passion, and presented with the sort of pride that befits a marvelously well-made item.

One day WITH EVA

Follow Eva, L’Oréal Paris Color Designer, Global Product Development through an exclusive journey at the heart of her daily job. Vision is by far our dominant sense – and attractive color designs engage us. But there's more to it than that. A color designer combines color psychology, current trends, and color design theories to come up with the next big thing. Add to that mix the science of visual and physiological effects and you have a big picture of how color design works.


Join us TODAY

Whether it’s a new product, fast package delivery or a new service design, working in Operations gives you the skills to bring those kinds of innovations to life. Being part of Operatoins gives you the skills you need for a top executive positions as well as puts you into close contact with new technology. Whether you work on the factory floor or in the office, you will end up using technology to make sure we get L'Oréal 36 iconic international brands in the hands of billions worldwide. Does it make you excited? If so, you just found the perfect career area.