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We make the customer the hero of our brand story


Every day we pushing boundaries in the world of traditional and digital strategies with a spark for genuine creativity.We have evolved over the last few years being even more dynamic by focusing on all that big data has to offer while triggering real emotion through memorable brand experiences and creative marketing initiatives.



Inspired by DIVERSITY

Tattoos, piercings, hairstyles and your job interview. You have probably heard advice to avoid adding any body art that you cannot cover up for a job interview. However, if you ever wonder how your scrambled-egg-shaped pouch or blue hair could land you a job at L’Oréal we might have an answer for you right here. L’Oréal is the kind of place where you can bring your whole self to work, as inclusion when hiring is the foundation to build a more diverse talent squad.


Question the STATUS QUO

At L'Oréal the junior talent of today are the future business leaders of tomorrow. That's why junior talent at L'Oréal gets opportunities to own their projects on day one and are encouraged to try new things, even if that means making mistakes - that's one of the best learning opportunities of all. Learn more from Pierre Julien, L'Oréal Group Marketing Manager for Diesel Fragnance and Maison Margiel, about what's his story behind mentoring at L'Oréal and how being a mentee and eventually becoming a mentor himself has helped him grow as a leader at L'Oréal.



When starting out as a junior talent in the business world, it can be a challenge. Putting yourself 'out there' means being brave, staying strong and having the confidence to know you are capable of doing anything you put your mind to. Get inspired by an avid believer in living an authentic life - Kenory, L'Oréal International Brand Development Project Manager, to learn more about her story at L'Oréal.

Passion meets PROFESSION

We’re all looking for that “sweet spot” where the passion and the professional meet. We caught up with Marin to find out how he’s done just that in his new role as Digital Art and Content Manager at L’Oréal.


Ahmed talks about the most rewarding thing about being a Marketing Management Trainee at L'Oréal, as being able to learn faster than you would elsewhere.


Leadership LESSONS

After spending the last six years sailing around the world, Can, Category Manager at L’Oréal, has certainly learned a thing or two about how to “set a course” and stay “even keeled”, skills that he has been able to apply to his career.



What does it take to be a young leader at L'Oréal? Or to lead people of all ages by truly inspiring them? Many believe years of experience, knowledge, well developed connections make a great leader. We sat down with Mikhail to learn more about his approach at L'Oréal that has nothing to do with his rank or authority.


L’Oréal interns are on fire after their first days at L’Oréal. Stellar interns have been with L’Oréal all summer, and they have made a big impact in a short time. If you think interns at L’Oréal are just fetching coffee and getting copies, you couldn’t be more wrong. Hear directly from Mario, one of our outstanding interns and discover if you have what it takes to be part of our colorful talent squad.