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We are a team of savy tech experts to
keep L’Oréal systems up and running
making information easily accessible
and customized to all 32 iconic brands

It’s not about technology. It’s what you do with it. 


It’s all about working hand in hand with the business to scout the next big thing to simplify and personalize the way we work and interact within L’Oréal and outside. Whether it’s new tools to keep us ahead of the competition or new ways of working to keep our creative juices flowing - here you never stop learning because things change at the speed of light.


Young leaders & TECH AGE

We are in an age where technology is everything. The single most disruptive force reshaping today’s industries is disruption itself. Change is the only thing permanent — changing customer behaviors and expectations, technology, digitalization, and a long list of disrupters fundamentally changing the way our business operates, the alliances we forge and the speed at which we grow. At L’Oréal technology is at the heart of our inventions transforming the future of Beauty. Behind all of our innovations and technological advances are a great bunch of people working together to make sure we stay ahead of the game. Marc, Head of Digital IT at L’Oréal Canada, is one of these incredible people!


CRM B2C Manager

Meet Talal - CRM B2C Domain Manager, as he shares his experience of building innovative CRM solutions to enable our 36 iconic brands to provide personalized experience to billions of consumers worldwide. Learn about the key project of Talal that involves cross-brand, cross-channel and cross-country consolidating all the European consumer data. Get inspired by some of the Talal’s career highlight. Imagine! This could be your working with us. How exciting is that?



Get to know our Digital IT APAC team as they share their insights in defining the Digital IT Strategy to support the portfolio of 36 internationally iconic brands. Manish - E-Program Manager shares his insights about building strong relationships with the brands, partners, vendors while growing from experiences and challenges. Being surrounded by the best while pushing yourself to learn fast and changing the future of Beauty inspire the team every day.



Explore what it is like to work as IT Project Manager at L’Oréal through the eyes of Natalia. You could be responsible for a wide range of projects including infrastructure and supply chain business applications, sales, Research and Innovation and more.



Explore how you can become a SAP Quality Consultant at L'Oréal. Nabil works on the implementation of new systems and SAP deployment in a new Egyptian factory. His role is to implement new features in the system, and to deplyoy SAP in the new factories. Nabil meets new people from different cultures within his role which he finds exciting. Nabil feels fulfilled because he knows that his efforts make 100s of lives of workers easier every day..



Meet Virginie – Head of Sales & Marketing Applications within the IT Department, who manages a team of 20 people. Every day Virginia’s team works with the L’Oréal 36 iconic brands hand in hand supporting all the application maintenance as well as new innovative tool design and development.


For those who believe in the myth of"IT Annual Plan," remember it's just that—a myth. At L'Oréal demand is coming in every single day, so the challenge is to capture that demand, both planned and unplanned, as early as possible, expose the high-level business justification and set up an ongoing dialogue between IT and the 36 iconic L'Oréal brands. Learn how Stephane, L'Oréal IT Demand Manager, is dealing with the challenges and what part of the job makes him feel fulfilled.


IT Business Analyst role in L'Oréal is probably one of the most critical roles in the info tech space. You don't need IT to implement Salesforce, but how do you apply it, how do you meet the L'Oréal 36 iconic brand needs, how do you get people to use it.. That's the role the IT Business Analyst fulfills. IT at L'Oréal is expected to help the business weave together multiple kinds of technology to solve those business challenges. It's the role of our IT Business Analysts to show the Group how it can leverage technology for ever more strategic uses, thereby elevating the role of the business analyst.



Without a doubt, technology has shaped nearly every aspect of the way we work today at L'Oréal. From the way we communicate with one another to the way we travel from one location to another, to the way we share information. If you want to have a tremendous impact of the success of 36 iconic brands, you have found the right team to join.