We get up every morning to a
challenge because that is who we
are. We are fueled by questions with
unequivocal answers, the euphoria
of completing a particularly hard
financial ‘puzzle’.

Beauty is serious business


The sudden realization of a particular topic clicking into place gives you positive goosebumps. Our finance team partners with all parts of the business across 32 international brands to ensure the Group’s financial performance is top notch – from the brand and customer planning and project valuation to risk management, M&A, and internal control tracking.


Hello IL

Il Yeon is an internal auditor at L'Oréal in Paris. Il Yeon ensures that he understands the local business practices when he audits countries all over the world. He describes creativity as being very important - although he audits countries with rigid rules, he needs to provide realistic and applicable recommendations for each local environment. He finds the "culture of discussion" very typical of L'Oréal - everyone expresses themselves in debates or discussions that are necessary to come to the optimum conclusions.



Laurent, Global Chief Officer for L'Oréal Finance, describes his role as being like the 'business partner of the Vice President'. He talks about the necessity to often adjust resources in order to meet the profit targets. He talks about the demanding, high speed nature of the beauty industry, due to the fast turnover of products. Learn more about the most challenging aspect of Laurent's position as he deals with local, central as well as the market's needs, in such a vast business.



The group recorded strong growth in 2015 and outperformed the beauty market in three of its four Divisions. This Explore L'Oréal robust and balanced business model with the worldwide cosmetics market estimated total of over 203 billion euros. We' re expanding steadily, driven by demographic trends in the New Markets, new needs linked to urbanisation, and new consumer desires fuelled by social networks. In this supply-driven market, spurred by innovation, L’Oréal is maintaining its leadership and this is your opportunity to join us and lead the change worldwide.


Meet Erin

Erin is a Commercial Finance Analyst for Maybelline, Garnier and Essie in the US. Erin is a co-pilot of the business as she works side-by-side with the sales team, making sure that the company makes the most revenue possible at an efficient spend.


1 minute with LORENZO

Ever wondered about the people who make L'Oréal move? Hear about an exciting career in Finance at L'Oréal from Lorenzo. Starting a job at L'Oréal, the worlds #1 beauty company is an adventure in itself - and one difficult to outgrow - our employees share with you their behind-the-scenes perspective on a career in L'Oréal, what motivates them, and what their work and life are like.


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The global balance of business, finance and economics shifts every day which is what makes it so fast-paced, varied and keeps everyone on their toes. The adrenalin of deals and the pace of change mean it is a highly stimulating career. In L'Oréal, you could find yourself working in the financial centre of another continent - from New York to Singapore, Hong Kong to Tokyo. And if you're lucky, you might even get to do your initial graduate training in one of these cities. How epic is that?